Thursday, January 24, 2008

YukiYanagi Lilliehook

Today Gor lost a wonderful person....

YukiYanagi Lilliehook


she left this note for all that loved her.

Hi ! Hi ! *wave's her hand*

* Scrambles around the ground, holding a boot in her mouth plopping on her bum nawing it making it all slobbery. Looking up at you then everyone* "Hi hi my name is Yuki....yush * nodding her head * I dont really speak much but this is a occiasion that I feel might be needing of the yuki babble * smiles big with a shoe string in her mouth*.
If you are reading this that mean I have passed away and and gone to the land when I can play and chew on things. I 'am sorry that you had to get this message but I rather have left a notice, of why I have disappeared from the world. Than let you or anyone else just think I left you all which would rather not have liked considering I think I have one big giant family.
I 'am so happy that I had got the oppertunity to learn english through Secondlife, or I would have never had met any of the unique and beutiful people in this world I spent so much time in. This game has given me the power to see past things I couldnt have seen in the real world. To see new worlds and new cultures other than my own and to learn how to be with others that I normaly would be very shy around.

Yuki 2

It makes my heart hurt some that I wont be able to see my freind's anymore, since I do not no what the afterlife has in store for me. But I do know that the things we do in this life reflects on your next life, depending on religion some are but I believe that no matter what relgion they are the same in there own special way.
The thing's I had learned in this life I will always remeber especially the ones that told me, it was ok to have a night light on at night. Or it wasent werid if I had a larl plush toys I made to sleeps with ( shadow, crone. Sek, Sasha, and some others ) or the little the little pictures and toys I made of ( Diashi, and Tk).
Some people do not relise that Secondlife for me was a way to escape my life I was afraid of. And be something I could have never been in the real world. Even if it was a gorean Feral or she quad for the hardcore goreans, or a grandaughter of a very special family in Gor located in teletus * huggles her momma and papa and Na na's*. Or a adopted or lost sister of northern woods or a forgoten princess of Thentis. I will always no I had a family even it was some place or some where in Secondlife I always had a mother for * slobbers on Oni* or someone to keep me in line * ranma* or just some one to play with all around even if he was a little black dragon that had a very huge nest in a sim I cant remember the name of. From the Sci fi sim's where I was a mouse in Midian or a lil neko in karamoon or tiny ent in avilion.
Thank you for being with me and letting me be happy, I am honored to have such great freinds no more than freinds family that I will truly cherish even in the after life. I love you all so muchies * licks all your noses , giggling then hops off her bum dropping the shoe and reaches up grabbing her little halo and chewing on it as she runs off to play*

* stops and turns around and pounce you slobbering then runs off .....giggles*

Love you all su muchies
Yukiyanagi lilliehook
Baby girl
Lil brat

for those that wish to pay there respects...
there will be a memorial sunday at noon slt in Teletus


To email her parents, please send your emails to

Morlieth Cahill just created A notice will be sent out when the memorial page is ready. In the mean time, send your anecdotes, pictures and comments to

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Groll Inn & hideout


this store is mainly designed for those into more metalhead, space, and toxia type sims. But they have a great selection of clothes that work well for outlaws and they have a couple of outfits that would perfectly for panthers. Other than that, they carry horror, and movie gestures, tattoos, t-shirts and jewelry.

to find it just search Groll Inn and Hideout or use cordinates: Clematis Island 28, 102, 22 or for the Wasteland location: The Junkyard 167, 203,74

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Northern Woods

northern woods_002

After leaving Axe Fjord, I stupidly traveled on to the Northern Woods alone. My family returned to Teletus, working through the misunderstanding that had made us leave. I can truely be careless and headstrong, this is one of those cases. The Northern Woods is a wild place home to panthers. Even though I knew this well, I traveled on. I entered not even thinking of the dangers a free woman would face in the northern woods. I wasn't even paying attention and walked right into a panther camp. I was immediately attacked by the second cheiftess, who had seen me speaking to a leader of an enemy outlaw group, the day before. I was tied to a tree and interogated for hours. I cried bitterly, and over and over again told them I was simply a writer and traveler. They laughed not believing me. Later a panther I had helped once showed up and spoke for me. It was then decided that I was not to be killed, but I would not be allowed to leave. I was removed from the tree and a collar was placed around my neck. I was then forced to serve these mighty huntresses. I was then renamed teardrop, for my tears. The whole time I cried. I can't say they were cruel, they were actually nice to me. But my heart ached for my family and friends. I was missing them greatly and wanted nothing more than to return to Teletus.

northern woods_001

I withstood my slavery for several days, being that no one knew were I had gone. I knew they feared the worse and had no way of finding me. My heartache could stand no more and I fled. It seemed at first I would make it with no trouble. But I was caught, by the panther who had spoke up for me. She took pity on me and even helped me escape. I am now safely at home. I have returned to Teletus and am happily living with my love Trenton and my family.


The sim is a well built sim. The have very well built caves available for rp use, but you will need to contact the admins for it's use.

- Death is 24 hours. Minimum of 30 minutes / 3 emotes before a killing.
- No capture time limit.
- Combat meter is Gorean....NEVER reset it.
- Emote/RP all actions realistically to your size/capability and Gorean norms.
- No cheating (Jumping, non-Gorean or invalid weapons, sim crashing scripts).
- Any problems IM an Admin

The admins of Northern Woods are:

Alice McConnell (Chief Admin, and sim owner)
Lola Machin
Selene Shi
Raven Lisle
Susan Whizenhunt
Janna Shuftan
Sam Slunce (and sim owner)

to find just search Northern woods or use cordinates-Northern Woods 81, 89, 599

Monday, January 21, 2008

Midwinter Festival

While visiting the Axe Fjord, they were having a midwinter festival. It was a wonderful event. Upon entering they even greeted there guests with gifts. We arrived with it already under way. We entered to the musical talents of Perryn Peterson.


Then we were entertained with a dance by the beautiful first girl Giada Koba. We then heard a wonderful story by the Jarlswoman, Huravia Basiat. We ended our day here with an archery contest, my love Trenton Childs 3rd place, and was won by Mehrunes Usworth. I even won best dressed fw. It was a wonderful day. These are people, though fierce and proud are generous and kind. It was a truely wonderful visit.


to visit just search Axe Fjord

Axe Fjord

Axe Fjord_008
Axe Fjord is in the Northern part of Gor. This area of Gor is especially harsh and dangerous. The whole sim has a very Viking look about it. In the northern part of Gor the customs can be very different. For one thing the slaves in this part of gor are referred to as bondmaids instead of Kajira. They are a bit different the kajira, in that they are more sassy and brazen, but do not have anymore freedoms than that of a kajira. They don't were, instead they were kirtles or nothing at all.


Another difference I noticed small things, like that the men are generally referred to as Jarl. The slaves will generally use the term Jarl instead of Master. I also noticed that they refer to the first sword as first axe. It was these small difference that you seem to notice first. Though the weather and land is harsh and cold. The strong and brazen people of this land, are very generous and friendly, and the bondmaids are extremely attentive. But any princess kajira or free that enjoys soft luxuries, may want to stay away.

Axe Fjord_005

The sim is an extreme roleplay sim, in that they do not allow voice, and heavily discourage any type of OOC.

they use the glm meter
Free woman don't have to wear veils and carry daggers and poisoned hair pins
female outlaws are not allowed
deaths are 72 hours
suicides are banned
all captures are permament
rescues must be made within an hour
escapes must be approved
Panthers are allowed at the exchange point only or city during raids(frowned upon)

any uncollared slave will be collared to Axe Fjord and any slave that is captured

to find it just search Axe Fjord

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Becoming a Traveler

The world was bright again, now that I had my cousin and my sister. She was five when we were separated. Her story was even sadder than mine. Our parents were killed right before her eyes by the raiders that attacked the island after the storms. They went through everything that wasn't damaged or destroyed, taking anything of value for themselves. They also struck down any who got in their way. Poor Angelina was in the thick of it all, just a child lost in a world of caos. But that is a story only she can tell.
Ashlyn gave us shelter, guided us through Teletian customs, introduced us to the people. I felt that I was truly home again, though my heart still ached. The Teletians welcomed us with open arms. We are content to be one of them, but we yearn to see new things; visit new places. Time for our new adventures to begin. And so, we are the travelers of Gor. Ashlyn, Lorianna, and Angelina. We will explore new lands, visit exotic cities, and share our experiences with all who may be interested.

My Story

I am Lorianna McCallen. I am a traverler of Gor. I was born on a faraway island called Bolgreena. I was six years old when the deadly storms that would completely change my life forever arrived. People believed we were being punished, but for what they couldn't say. I remember the terror that swept through the small island, the roaring the the storms as they pounded against our home. That is all I remember of the fateful day, however. I woke up days later on a ship, and I was very ill. Once I recovered, I was told that I had been found floating in the ocean upon a wooden door. I had been seperated from my family, and feared that I would never see them again. I didn't learn all the details until many years later.
I spent the rest of my childhood in a foundling home that was run by a kind old woman. I helped raised the smaller children, did my chores, and had some schooling. It was two days before my eighteenth birthday that I recieved a letter. It was from a woman claiming to be my cousin, and she wanted me to come and live with her on the island of Teletus. My heart soared, and immediately started to pack. I bought passage on a ship bound for the the vicinity of the island with the money that my cousin had sent. Our meeting was not to be at that time, however.
The ship I was sailing on was attacked by pirates, and I was taken captive. The pirate captain thougt that I was a lady born, however, so I was treated rather well. He was hoping for a steep ransom. There were two men that had survived the attack, and they ended up rescuing me and the several other passengers. One of them was the Captain. His name was Rurek McCallen. We fell in love and were married many months later. For three years we lived and loved one another. I sent letters to my cousin through out that time. It was during our fourth year of marriage that my husband was lost at sea. I still do not believe him dead to this day. I know it my heart that we will someday meet again. I mourned him for a year, walking the docks at night, waiting for some small sign. Finally, my cousin insisted that I come and live with her, and so I traveled to the beautiful island of Teletus. My cousin, Ashlyn, greeted me on the dock, and we hugged one another fiercely. She also had a surprise for me. My sister, Angelina, was there too. At last!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sardar Mountains


Sometimes sadness will bring you to strange places. My sadness sent me to the Sardar Mountians. The in the books the Sardar Mountains are a wild treacherous place, that is home to the priest kings, and considered very sacred. In second life they are home to the Shinigami Outlaws. They are a fierce group of outlaws not to be messed with. This is a very dangerous sim, and is almost a guarantee collar for free woman and slaves.


While there I did not find the priest kings, I did see this nice and serene house. I wonder.... I was to afaid to approach. It would not be right for a woman to be in the prescence of a priest king, so I did not approach.


This sim has kind of rough darkness to it, but yet very nicely built. This is an outlaw sim, remeber when entering it is very dangerous and chances of capture is extremely high.

They are a strict rp sim, do not allow much ooc. Some of the main points to remeber before entering is kills captures must be 4 lines and kills must be 5 emotes.

the admins are:
Yasmin Fisseux
Romper Barbosa
Del Mauriac

uses the Gorean meter
female outlaws and mercs are allowed but cannot show skin

the main rules are as follows
1. no jumping
2. no cutting cages
3. 2 day death
4. 3 day capture(except for slaves-perm collar)
5. no mass murder tolerated
6. 2 deaths per 24 hours on each side

the following things are not allowed:
tarns, jumping, fighting slaves,

to find it search sardar

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cressida Village

cressida Village_005

Cressida Village is half of an sim that is rental property for goreans. It is a very nice area that offers free usage of the scribery, arena and a tavern, for your pleasures. It also lots of outdoor seating areas, and poseballs where you can sit and relax and just spend time with friends. My favorite aspect of the sim is the Caverns. The caverns have a beautiful underground tavern. I wish I could say I was a good free woman and stayed out but I can't.

cressida Village_002

The homes are 540L a week, they are 300 sqm with a prim allowance of 175 but you can buy more if needed. They are available in various styles with balcony, without, intern stairs or TPs corner turret or side turret.

cressida village_004

Another nice aspect is if a tenant wants to host an event it is allowed free of cost.
Anyone looking for a gorean rental home, should most definately check this place out.

Goodbye Teletus

Gor is many things to many people. It can become very much a part of ones real life. It has enhanced mine very much. I have met some amazing people on my journey in this world. But one unfortunately sometimes there are misunderstandings and tempers happen, so I now must move on. I will now leave my beloved home of Teletus.

goodbye teletus_003

I will miss this place and the people greatly. They will always reside in my heart. Here is to you Teletus, you gave me a home, family and friends when i greatly needed it. But now is the time for me to move on

goodbye teletus_002

Farewell Teletus, Farewell
I will miss everyone there greatly, love you all