Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gorean Fashion Show & Swords of Honour Tournament

gorean fashion show
Who: DAB Photography, Silks of Second Life & Gorean Designers

What: Fashion show & tournament to allow Silk designers of SL to show off their items in a SLife like setting. As the saying goes "A picture is worth 1000 words" but do not always capture the beauty and detail of a SL silk. They will also be show casing weapons and having a tournament. So women come for the fashion show, and men stay to fight and view some weapon creations of Vincent Cassidy

Where: Runway and Location provided by DAB Photography

When: May 3rd at 3pm slt

Come share a night of gorean fashion at its finest. Lovely girls and Strapping boys modeling silks and aparrel from such well known stores as Sexsensual, Collar Me Sexy!, Songfeather designs, Creative Creations, SoulGarden, and Escape Reality. Please come down to DAB and enjoy this event with us it is sure to be a night to remember!

LM to the Event :
ô€€€Neverending 55, 59,21

Sebastian Fuller

When living and playing in gor you will most definately ran across som very unique people and definate characters. My last night in Tharna I met Sebastian Fuller. He is a peasant with no legs, and seems to get around by using a small cart. He was hillarious, and literally kept us laughing the whole time he was with us. If you ever run across this peasant, ask him about his sleen farm in tarnburg. You won't regret it.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

What a kajira is............

Simply a kajira is a slave. But more than that they are woman that are highly trained in serving drinks, food, dancing, entertaining, caring for the home, caring for the free and how to be pleasing at all times. These are woman who are trained to walk, speak, act and to be beautiful and pleasing. The are very much like the Japanese Geisha or the courtesans of europe.


It can be lots fun of being a kajira in sl gor, but not always easy. Some may think it a matter of wearing silks, saying yes Master, and doing what your told. In second life it is very much a performance. A craft that needs to be cultivated and learned. In sl gor a trained kajira is expected to know how to serve, dance, entertain, do chores and be pleasing and beautiful in everyway. The art of serving, dancing, etc is generally emoted.


As far as taking on the role of kajira, it is not simple but can be very rewarding. It is a very good idea to observe several sims while ooc or start out playing a free woman while learning the basics of Gor. It's always a good idea to read up on notecards.

The number one thing a Kajira is a woman of Exquisite Beauty and total Obediance

The top do's and don'ts......

*A slave must never say a frees name they are to refer to them as Master or Mistress(a slave uses the terms greetings Masters/Mistress, yes Master/Mistress, no Master/Mistress, and thank you Master/Mistress)

*A slave does not stand in the presence of a free, they will take the positions of tower, nadu, or bracelets

*A slave must beg or ask to do most anything in the world of gor, while in sl gor you will be expect to ask if you can go afk, leave or pass by a free. Some Masters may even demand you to beg to greet.

*Always remeber a free is never wrong, so it is improtant to always be pleasing

*A slave can never tell a free what to do or make demands to a free. As a matter fact telling them to have a good day is considered a command so it is usually proper for a slave to wish them well instead, being that is not a command

*A free can punish a slave at any time for any reason.

*A free is never wrong

*Never have your back to a free

Honestly though the number one rule is do as your Master or Mistress commands