Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gorean Expo presented by DAB, a spectacular show

Gorean Expo
Over two glorious days, September 8th and 9th, all those who are interested in Gor were given a true treat. DAB Designs presented, through their gorean division, a spectacular fashion show dubbed the Gorean Expo. Unlike most fashion shows which consist of a runway with parading models, DAB decided to do something completely different. They created a gorean city named DAB with all the amenities of any gorean sim in second life. In their natural settings the models displayed the fashions that will be seen throughout Gor in the coming days and months. Not only did they present the silks, which get the most attention in other fashion shows, they also presented free women dresses and free men clothing of all styles. They also had a simulated panther camp and even the wagon people were represented in authentic settings. You could see what it would be like to be dressed in the fine fashions of Gor in the truest test of any gorean fashion, in its natural gorean setting.

Library Close UpWagon People Close Up
Fashions from the Library and Wagon Camp

How many times have you gone to a flashy store to find the perfect outfit, buy it, then realize once you were back on your gorean sim that it looked totally out of place? DAB has taken the guessing out of shopping by presenting all the beautiful and authentic fashions of Gor in their natural gorean environment. As I moved about the DAB city on the first day I saw free women moving about the tea room and library in fine dresses presented by Fantasia, GutterPup, and Eclectic Designs. The beautiful silks and camisks of GutterPup and Eclectic Designs were a treat for the eyes in the tavern. As I moved over to the other side of the virtual gorean city, I found myself in the panther camp. I was impressed with the setting of the camp, which looks much more authentic then many panther camps we see throughout second life Gor. The fashions of Feral Designs, Fantasia, GutterPup, and Husky made visiting the panther camp a realistic experience. I was truly impressed with just how realistic the panther fashions were. This is the first time I have seen this level of detail paid to panther fashions. My travels next brought me to the camp of the wagon people, which featured the best dress I have ever seen representing what a woman of the wagon people would wear; it was presented by Ayana and Hope Designs. I moved to the Warriors hall next, and found excellent free men clothing from Husky, and Fantasia Designs. As a scribe in Gor, I myself have found it hard to find proper attire. I was most pleased to see that DAB found designers to accommodate the needs of free men throughout Gor.

Panthers Close UpDaron
Fashions for panthers and DAB owner Daron Brandeis

The second day of the Gorean Expo was just as impressive as the first. More fashions were presented from the fashion designers of the first day, as well as designs from AC creations, and FLP filthy larma productions. AC Designs presented an eclectic mix of free men and panther designs that impressed all that attended. FLP showcased their creations as well, and added to the already impressive displays of fashion from the first day. Many of the designers from the first day like Husky, and Ayana and Hope Designs added more treasures for all to the see on the final night of the Expo. No one went away disappointed. There were even discounts offered for those who decided to purchase products directly from the Expo.

Enjoying the Expo, left to right, fallon, Daron, Trenton, and ashlyn

All that attended were impressed as they watched the models move about the simulated gorean city throughout the two days of the Gorean Expo. Truly DAB has created a phenomenon that all hope will be seen again. Those that attended saw how fashion fits in the gorean lifestyle and how the fashions presented in DAB city would be perfect in any city, tavern, village, and camp throughout the world of Gor. Daron Brandeis the owner of DAB Designs, who has always been a friend of second life Gor, with the help of his personal assistant fallon Maertens, have given a gift to all those that care about Gor. They have shown that Gor like any other community in second life deserves to have attention paid to its needs. Clothing that truly fits the Gorean lifestyle has been hard to come by, through this Gorean Expo, DAB Designs has helped to bring the designers and Goreans together in a setting that is natural and unique.

Written by Trenton Childs with the contributions of ashlyn Cazalet, fallon Maertens, and Daron Brandeis