Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tavern of Bound Will

The Tavern of Bound Will is a newly opened tavern in sl Gor that caters to those who wish to discuss and learn more about the Gorean lifestyle. The first girl of the tavern is Cleo Ackmann the driving force behind the ideals that the Tavern of Bound Will is based on. The tavern's philsophy is by the books Gorean. Many of the discussions include book quotes to back up the point of view of the discussion. Many of the discussions are scheduled and open to all. The Tavern of Bound Will is a true Gorean tavern in every way. Free
women are only allowed in the tavern during scheduled discussions. The tavern is an excellent place to visit if you are learning Gor, or are knowledgeable in Gor and are looking for enlightening discussion and good company.

The tavern is well built, with a rustic feel, comfortable, and inviting.
Set on an island that is cozy and yet not too small as to be cramped.
The lag is minimal and the tavern is easy to move about.

The tavern also offers many kajira with a fire to serve, and full facilities to enjoy all that they have to offer. If you are a kajira needing training, or one who wants to learn more, as learning never ends, the tavern also offers excellent training lead by Cleo who has tweleve years experience in Gor. The tavern is a true gem that will further the growth of the Gorean culture on Second life.

You can travel to the tavern on Second Life by clicking here.

If you have an interest to lead a discussion or are seeking kajira training contact Cleo Ackmann.