Thursday, December 20, 2007

OOC Dance in Teletus

The most popular event you will see in gor, hands down is OOC dances. Almost every gorean sim you go to has an OOC area, with a dance floor in it. Some places even have regular ones, like even weekly. Most of the time they are themed, like schoolgir/boy, costume, biker, holiday etc. This one was impromtu. We seem to be having alot of those here in teletus. I am the one in pink,it's a Marilyn Monroe sl remake(diamonds are girl's best friend). Whenever I do something on earth or OOC I go retro.

OOC dance_012

OOC dance_007

some really let themselves go last night.

OOC dance_022

OOC dance_017

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slave hunts and broom fights in Teletus

The night was going rather slow so to shake things up our Regent decided to throw a slave hunt. In Gor this can be a very popular event. How the slave hunt goes. You have several slaves and several Masters gather in one place. We started in our arena. The girls gathered at the gate and the men at the back of the arena. The gates were open the girls ran out. Our regent then counted to ten and then men ran out in pursuit. This is a fun game to watch and everyone truly enjoys themselves.



Our first round was won by Jas Carter and Tania


Our second round was won by Jas Carter and Dracaeno Donat


It was then that our Regent, Anjali Cazalet decided to shake things up. We had a broom fight. But this time she did things a little different. The girls were given brooms, and the men were forced to give up there weapons. The girls then chased the men around the arena the brooms.


All in all it was a fun event, and an impromtu one at that. Which we plan to have more of these events, and hope to see you there.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Sardar Fair

I believe this is going to be an annual event. The first event I saw was an archery event. This is one the most popular events found in gorean sims, and the prizes for event like this can go in the thousands. These were watched over by Dingo Night

The first was between Aradon Psaltery, sword of Ko-ro-ba and the Ubar of Ko-ro-ba, Scar Statosky and the winner was Aradon.

sardar fair_007

The second one was entered by….
Capton Jacobs-the Ubar of Black Tarn Estate and Island( the first gorean sim in sl)
Darkstorm Llwellyn 1st sword of Tampica
Anthony 71 Jiminy warrior of Tampica
Thomasbee Oh warrior of Tampica
Pepper Iwish Al’Aar Shas Huntress

sardar fair_015

The winner was Darkstar Lwwellyn. I was personally rooting for Pepper. I mean hey in a man’s world we girls have to stick together, be we fw, panther, or Kajira.

The next even t was the Tharlarion races entered by…
Lady Vivienne Daguerre
Darkstorm Llwellyn 1st sword of Tampica
Thomasbee Oh 2nd sword of Tampica

And I am so proud to say was won by Lady Vivienne Dagurerre. This one was won for the woman of Gor.

sardar fair_023

Then it was on to Wrestling. This is a funny looking event. The men were diaper like object that is a animation override, and basically try to push the other out of the ring. The match was overseen by Mulsanne Bentley. The first up was Darkstorm Llwellyn and Bryantt Sands, with Dark taking it. Dark then took on Thomasbee Oh, with Thomas taking that one. Thomas was then challenged by Galahad Huet, the Magistrate of Tampica, with Galahad taking it. Galahad was then challenged by Dark, with Dark regaining his crown. Congratulations Dark!


I t was then that slave girls got into the act. Well, you know men and their girl on girl action. It started with Iadina Fuana and Miyu Vendetta, with Miyu taking it. She was then challenged by Melanie Barbarino, with Mel taking it. Mel was challenged by Rita Saito, with Rita winning. She was then challenged by Chandee Rockwell, Chandee won the match.

It was then that it got very exciting with free versus slave challenge. Dark versus Chandee, Dark won, but I must say Chandee gave him a run for his money.


After that was the snowball free for all. The rules were simple. Every takes a meter and a snowball, they begin fighting, until someone falls, that person leaves the game. They reset the meter and begin again. It goes until one person standing, and that is the winner. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties with the meters, and because they were nice, gave prizes to all who participated.

The last event I saw was the Tarn races. This was my favorite. I must say the most exciting of them. There were three contests, Lepida Lykin, Kron Juran, and Drakkarn Reddevil. It was Drakkarn Reddevil that won the race.

Sardar Fair_031

These are just some of the events you can find in Gor. There are almost always something going on. If you are joined to some of the local gorean groups you will get notices of the events
(sorry about the pictures, I really couldn't get any closer)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Animals of Gor

There are a wide variety of animals on the planet Gor. Some are similar to those on earth, and some are unlike any that an urthling has seen. Like most things in Gor, the animals seem to be stronger and more brutal than the urth counterparts.

River Thalarion

sea thalarion

ground Tharlarion

Tharlarion: There are numerous varieties of this reptile. They can be found in water and on ground. One type is a species of saddle lizard, They are used mostly by those who have not mastered tarns. Tharlarions have been bred for a thousand generations. They strong and fierce creatures. They come in all shapes and sizes. Tharlarions are also animals that can be roleplayed in gor. You can find skins, shapes and animations at stores. As a matter of fact one of the best tours I gave in teletus was to a tharlarion.


Ost-a small snake that lives in the rainforest of the schendi very dangerous, the venom causes death

Larl: There are several varieties of the lion-like beast. It is six to eight foot tall at the shoulder. Its head is broad, sometimes more than two feet across, and shaped roughly like a triangle. This makes its head viper-like. They are amazing hunters and are not tame, but remain on some level as always being wild. These are another animal that can be roleplayed gor. I have found several prides running about in sl gor. I personally find gorean furries at something to the roleplay.


Tarns: These are the giant riding birds of Gor, also called the Brothers of the Wind. They resemble a hawk but with a crest like a jay. You can actually buy riding tarns in sl gor. There are many versions, some with tarn baskets, and some that can even found that will carry victims in the claws. I have seen several on sale at the sardar fair.

Kaiila: They are horse like creatures, used the way urthlings use horses. They are extremely agile and can easily outmaneuver a high tharlarion. They require less food than a tarn. They are great huntes and are carnivorous. In Sl you can purchase them to ride on. Also there is a Kaiila racetrack in Fina and they have races weekly/


Tarsk: This is a six-tusked wild boar, with a bristly mane running down its spine. There is a giant tarsk that stands ten hands at the shoulder. There are several varieties of tarks in the rainforests, both large and small. They can be domesticated and the rencers keep some. They are best hunted from the back of kaiila with lances and the giant tarsk is often hunted on tarnback with lances. Tarsk meat tends to be salty.


Sleen: There are several varieties of this six-legged, long bodied carnivorous mammal. It is almost like a snake. Some can get as big as twenty feet long and up to twelve to fourteen hundred pounds. They have two rows of teeth in a wide and triangular head. Their paws have six claws. The sleen is considered Gor's most perfect hunter. You can actually run into some sleens in Treve, my poor cousin was attacked by two there. Luckily she was rescued by a ranger there.


Vart: These are blind, batlike flying rodents. They can grow to the size of a small dog. They can strip a carcass in minutes. Some are rabid and they hang upside down like bats.


Vulos: These are domesticated, tawny-colored pigeons raised for eggs and meat. At least some of their meat is white.


Tabuk: There are several varieties of this one horned, yellow antelope. It is small, graceful and eats berries and salt. Young tabuk rarely leave the thickets.


Bosk: There are fifteen varieties of bosk, a cattle like animal. These varieties include the brown bosk, red bosk, and milk bosk. They are commonly the long-haired wild ox of the plains. They have a thick, humped neck, a wide head, and tiny red eyes. They also have the temper of a sleen. With their two, long, wicked horns they can be quite deadly. The horns reach out and suddenly curve forward and may even reach the length of two spears. They are very important animals to the Wagon Peoples and also many others on Gor. Bosk meat and milk is available over much of Gor.


Verr: This is a mountain goat, indigenous to the Voltai Mountains. They are long-haired, spiral horned, and ill-tempered. There is a small, long-haired verr that is smaller and less belligerent than the wild verr. Some are domesticated and they are a source of wool and milk. The finest wool is sheared in the spring from the bellies of the hurt and verr.


There are several varieties of this common rodent. It is usually fat, sleek and white. It has three rows of needlelike teeth, tusks that curve from its jaw, and two horns that protrude over its eyes. It also has a long hairless tail. Most are tiny enough to hold in palm of your hand but some can get as big as wolves or ponies. Certain varieties migrate twice a year though it is only dangerous if you are in the middle of their path. In the rainforests there are gliding, ground, leaf and tree urts. The canal urt is web footed and can be found in Port Kar's canals. There are also brush urts and forest urts. Some large urts are domesticated and bred for attacking and killing. Most urts attack in a pack and are messy and noisy when attacking. You can buy little ones at the Sardar fair


Tumit: This is a large flightless bird of the prairies with a hooked beak as long as a forearm. Wagon Peoples hunt these with bolas.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Siba is not actually a city but more of a raiding sim. Basically it’s an outlaw camp. There are actually two outlaw groups and a panther group. This is not a sim for a free woman. The docks and top is the safezone. In the safezone, you will find an infirmary and a tavern.


Once you leave the bridge your on your own. I went there believing I was safe.


A man on the docks told me he would escort me. He seemed so nice at first, and being use to outlaws I honestly thought I was fine. Another even vouched for him. I left the docks with him; he assured me he would keep me close in an unsafe place. We slowly walked to the bridge and he gestured me forward, I followed him with no hesitation. He seemed so concerned, even asking if was wearing the right shoes. Once we got across the bridge he seemed to hesitate, and it did make me feel a little uneasy, I almost felt as though he was sizing me up. Our first stop, he showed was me a panther camp, it felt so exciting be close to a panther camp. He then promised the next stop would be even more exciting. But at first I didn’t understand his meaning. It was just a hillside. So I asked what is so special about this place. At that He pulled his bow from his from his back. “This is were I ask a free woman to kindly lay on her stomach and slowly spread her to her sides” he said clamly . “What,” I gasped. Fear and raged both swept over me. “No!” screamed, “How dare you!” He just stood there calmly, “For now kindly lay on your stomach as I have suggested” he said. “No you pathetic half wit,” I said. At that he simply placed his boot into my back and knocked me down, knocking the breath out of me. He then bent down, and began tying me up. “This is a land of outlaw, Guest, we don’t see soft, perfumed types often, your company will be desired,” he teased as he tied me up. I started crying, begging and screaming how dare you. “Be quiet woman” he breathed, “men are sleeping”. Come Guest, he said smiling as he dragged me to the fort. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” I screamed. “You are a fussy woman, female” he said. He then easily lifted me up placed and locked me in a stockade and place a wooden gag in my mouth. He began to play with my hair, “Now, do you truly wish to be free, guest?” I nodded, He sighed, “That leaves an outlaw disappointed” He then circled the stockade, unlocked it, freeing me and cutting my binds, and removing my gag. He walked me to the door and unlocked it for me. “Go female” he said. Pushing my luck I haughtily said my name is Ashlyn or Ash. “Bah” he said. Now go or you will be staying longer than you wish. At this I gasped, and turned and ran out the door, and somehow made it back to the docks.


I must admit, my adventures were quite exciting, and although I will not be ever going into the capture zone again.

But at that let it be known, this is not a place for free woman. I did talk to the slaves there and they said they enjoy it, the main rp here is raiding and more for outlaws and panthers, so it can at times be boring for the kajira.

to find it search Siba

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Torcadino and Torcadino Swamps

Torcadino is a beautiful sim that is that is very strict Gorean role-playing. They are very educationally minded, and even the infirmary has a very educational feel. It’s a very beautiful sim, and all the buildings are very well done. Torcadino is a great city for newbies.


While there check out scribery, it’s huge, and has room to grow, and has a beautiful wishing well inside. My favorite spot was the Meditation garden.

Like most cities Torcadino is very proud of it's slaves. As a matter of fact they keep a board letting the citizens and it's visitors know which of the slaves are available.


The swamps are a pure capture zone. It’s main function to for capture and fighting. So if you are a free woman and want to remain that way, stay out. It is actually a beautiful area, yet it is a dangerous.


The events they have are archery contests, OOC dances every Sunday and the OOC dance area is a beautiful dark gothic style and is huge. They also hold lots of classes and discussions, although these are announced by word of mouth.

They have sky rentals, and the rentals are adorable little cottages and have a cottage village in the mountains style to it. They also have huge market that


**the city does not allow for larls in the city they can enter into the swamps but do only at your own risk

**they do not allow female outlaws

**Panthers allowed in the Swamps, but not in the city

to find it search Torcadino

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Sardar: A pleasure Inn

The Sardar is more of a resort than an actual city. It has all kinds of uniques all over the sim. They even have slave cart tours you can take.


The major site is the please inn. It is beautiful lodgings with several types of accommodations, alcoves and suites. The alcoves are rented by the hour and the suites by the day. The inn also has several lounges for relaxing and enjoying friends. If you want more than a couple of hours or days, they have actual houses you can rent. The most unique are Tuchuk wagons you can rent for week at a time.


They have an arena used for official competitions, training. They also have a race track which is used for kaiila, tharlarion, slave foot and slave cart races. Anyone is welcome to use the arena or race track. They are very open to newbie, just please dress Gorean and keep ooc chat in ims.

They have lots of events and love showcasing Gorean entertainers. The will also events for others. If need a space for an event, please contact Sweetie Dagger.

The whole sim has unique sites all over it, and it’s growing. It is now two sims, the second sim is going to be an adventure sim.


To find it search The Sardar

Friday, November 09, 2007

Port Kar

Port Kar is working on bringing back the old rough rp style back. They very to the books as far as Gor is concerned they are very rp oriented, even rping daily living.


It has the all the usual buildings of a regular Gorean city, bathhouses, scribery, infirmary, and a tavern called Tattered silks. Overall very gothic with a dark presence about it and in the middle is a canal that is modeled after the one Venice.


One thing I liked is the Rence journal. It’s a regular publication, telling stories, facts and news about Port Kar.

The woman of Gor should take heed here, Port Kar has a tradition, that if any man claims you rightfully become his. So free woman of becareful when enterting this city.

As far as larl’s go, it’s kind of split. They are allowed onto the sim. But it depends on who is at the gate as to what kind of treatment they will receive

They have a lot of regular events discussions, storytelling nights, training, and an OOC dance every Saturday. They have a lot of musicians, storytellers, and poets living and visiting the on this sim, so a very entertaining place to be.

So if you are looking for that kind of old rough and strong rp with a group of very colorful people who are dedicated to keeping it in a very Gorean tradition, Please check out Port Kar.

First Captain: Dark Starr
Chief Scribe: Silua Mills
Chief Builder: Devyne Daligdig
Chief Physician: Delaney Curtiss
Admiral: Hanze Melnitz
First Sword: Icarus Wind
High Merchant & Ambassador: Sela Montgomery
Head Slaver: Ranaa Rust


to get there search port kar or click here:

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Port Bazi

The over all look is very Grecian, and has a very fun-loving feel.

I must say I was instantly impressed with Port Bazi. When you enter the docks you instantly see a streaming video explaining two of there best attractions, Capture the flag and Kaissa board. The docks also have a place to go fishing


When you enter the city you are greeted by a beautiful Pavilion. It's perfect spot for relaxing and just hanging out with friends. It even has a gorean trivia game.


I tell you the bazian's must love there games. The Kaissa board is life-sized. Sorry I have not played the game so I don't know very much about it.


They also have a game called whack-a-Kajira. (poor Kajirae)

There biggest attraction is the capture the flag arena. It's a very nice area, and they are currently trying to get leagues together.

My favorite part was the scribery. It is two floors, filled with information. As a matter of fact they are dedicated to teaching and training. They have an extensive training program for warriors and teach classes on roleplaying.

Another must see is there Arena. It is done in the same Grecian style. It has a middle fighting area that can be caged and is surrounded by water filled with water tharlarion.


They host regular tournaments and dance contests.

The admims:Del Mauriac & Yasmin Fisseux
Commander: Terry Cheney
1st Sword: Apollo Paean
2nd Sword Kyoal Ferraris
Head Scribe: Cyn Sin

they are currently hiring for Head Slaver and Ambassador

to get there search Bazi or click here

Monday, November 05, 2007


Farnacium is a beautiful sim has a very mountian woodsy kind of feel to it, but yet surrounded by a beach and harbor, that has an atlantic harbor feel to it.


Farnacium is a lifestyle sim and one that has a strong sense of community. They believe strongly in educating others about gor and have a lots of slave classes and a Master mentoring program as well. They do not allow, panthers or outlaws. Any woman entering must be dressed as a slave or free woman. Being a lifestyle sim, they do not take part in capture roleplay, raids, or any sort of force collar. Although any slave or free woman actin inappropriate can be collared for the city.


The whole sim was beautifully crafted. One of the best sites is the bathhouse. The bathhouse is more of a cave crafted by mother nature for the gorean people.


The island has huge market, with lots of unique items. Most of the island is filled with private homes and rental houses. It also has a beautiful plaza were beautiful dances and entertainment is held. All in All I found to be a lovely sim to visit

to go to Farnacium just search farnacium or click here

Sunday, November 04, 2007



The outlaws of Gor are men and woman of Gor who live outside of the law, and caste system of, and never claiming a homestone. The are generally running away from there own past, the law itself, or not wanting to live within the constraints of gorean society. Though they are viewed by general gorean society as being thieves, shady and crooked, they are not without honor and rules. They generally govern them and some are people of great honor.

Of all the Castes, character, etc that you can rp, this is usually considered to be one the funnest. It truly a way of being able to play a rogue or scoundrel.

There are many outlaw group in second life gor. Each having there own flavor, values and rp style.

Female outlaws
For some reason there seems to be a big controversy on the whether or not females outlaws were in any of the Gor books.
The truth is though out history there have been woman outlaws and woman who dressed as men fought along side them. That being said it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that females would have become outlaws in Gor.

But the thing is my purpose of this blog is not to argue. My purpose is to show the world what sl gor is and what you can find there, and sl gor has female outlaws

To play and become an outlaw in sl gor:
You will need to have at least basic fighting skills and it is a good idea to be proficent in at least one weapon if not more.

To find an outlaw group, well alot of gorean info groups will advertise recruiting of outlaws, pirates and mercs in there notices. Otherwise the only suggestion I can make is to observe and visit the in capture/raiding sims or outlaw camps, and get to know the people.

You can find alot of freebies in gor, but I have not at this time found any freebies for weapons and outlaw clothes at this time, but when I find them I will post them.

For outlaw clothes:
Avilion mists has a perfect outfit black outlaw outfit for only 100L and they have it for men and women

Some other good stores are....
Groll Inn & Hideout
(female outlaws-the few places that allow female outlaws will not allow you to show skin and wear high heels. That means no cleavage, legs, and belly showing. So keep that in mind when shopping)

As for weapons:
Harbingers is thought be one of the best