Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gor Hub

I love this, and am so glad to make this one my first travel post.
Basicaly you find yourself landing on a giant map, covered with red dots. Each dot representing a gorean city, landmark. This is perfect for finding true gorean cities. Especially if you are like me and are tired of trying to weed through the search engine on which ones are truely Gor and which ones aren't. There are also places on the wall for advertising your sim, services and etc.

If you are wanting to add you sim to the hub please contact Fabien DeSantis

Besides the hub itself, you will find lots of stalls all types shops which I guarantee you will find some the most unique things available.

To find it just use the search engine and type in gor hub or follow this link

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tal All

My name is Ashlyn Cazalet. I am free woman in the city of Teletus. This is a sort of travel guide and guide to living in the world of Gor. I want to use this blog to teach others abou my world and show them all the unique places in it.

Now I guess I should begin with telling you are more about myself. I grew up on earth. But I was born on the planet of Gor, but taken back to earth by an earth on his return. He raised me as his own daughter. I grew up hearing stories and learning about gor. I had thought they were just bedtime stories and a special thing between me and my father. It was after his death that I learned the truth. I learned that Gor was real. I then found my way to Gor and began to explore the world I heard so much about. Not having grown up in Gor I didn't have the fear of a collar the way most gorean woman do.
Ash the Slave
It was in the city of Lydius that I was collared. I believe it was earth accent that made them take me. I then lived and served Sieja'n outlaws. I can't say I hated being a slave, but my goal in coming to Gor was to find the life my father had left behind, and the world I was taken from. My Master and the Sieja'n outlaws were very good to me. But one day I found some information about my fathers life on gor, and when no one was paying attention I went to investigate, it was during this time I was captured by panthers. My Master immediately came after me and rescued me from them. It was then that he gave me freedom. So now I am traveling the world of gor, learning all I can about it, and looking for the family I was taken away from.