Gor sims

if your are an owner or mod of any of the sims and feel any of the info is wrong please contact me inworld, Ashlyn Cazalet, or at goreanhappenings@gmail.com

**always look over the rules before entering**

Southern Sims
BTB, para rp
~taverns are always off limits to FW
~collaring of  FW citizens not allowed without a trail, non citizen Fw have will be detained until she can stand before the magistrate
~visiting FW and owned slaves may have npc protector in another part of the sim
~panthers only if dressed like FW, you may rp a kidnapping but keep it plausible,
~panthers may not raid in force
the city has two parts the slums and the city. The slums is a seedy place were you find not so nice services and if you desire and you have the coin, some is willing to do it. In City part is a lavish place where several very rich and powerful families fight for control.
HOCHBURG -  BTB GOR, Scorpion Hollow (107, 137, 52)

Port Cos
~BTB(no female mercs)
~raiding-entry point the wharf, raid ratio 1:1, archer limit 1:5 per gourp, no reinforcement for 30 min
~FM and FW carrying weapons are the only ones that half to wear a meter, all other captures are rp
~It is highly recommended for a visiting FW to have an escort(read note 4 for more details)
~the collaring of FW can only be done by a Port Cos FM and have at least one witness
~no slaves traveling alone(can use a npc on the docks, make the story plausible)
~any Port Cos citizen may capture a slave, they must then be handed over for evaluation
~panthers may not attack the city, you may disguise and act like a FW or she-urt
Port Cos, Port Cos (165, 50, 475)

~raiding ratio 1:1
~slaves and medics assist with raiders, 1 slave or medic per 5 raiders
~slaves may not attack any Free
~Free women only daggers, hairpins and fw weapons
~slaves only brooms, sticks and slave weapons
Vonda / Bloody Bastard Designs, Dark Romance (8, 223, 1002)

Northern sims
Ivar's Landfall
~raiding, check the button at the tp, no rp with Treve
~slaves come at your own risk, no valid merchant law
~panther tribes need a persmission to rp here, single ones dress like free women
Ivar's Landfall, Oupolis (41, 149, 759) - Adult

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