Monday, September 17, 2012

Guide for the new kajira

Here are the top things you need to know, found this from a great in world notecard, called, the stuff in parenthesis are what I added.

1. When a free person is near you, or in your path, kneel immediately.
a. If you are a pleasure slave and the free person is a man, nadu.
b. If you are a pleasure slave and the free person is a woman, tower.
c. If you are a pleasure slave and the free people present are a man and a woman, nadu.(if you are in direct service to FW or are asked to by a FW go to tower)
d. If you are an unopened slave, tower, regardless of who is present. You would change your position however, if directed to do so by a free man.

2. Do not assume every free person wants you to greet them. If they are obviously standing near you, greet respectfully. "Greetings, Master", or "Greetings, Mistress" will suffice. The typical accepted order of greeting is as follows: Owner, High Caste, Men, Women. (some people will tell you a slave can never say Tal, but in Kajira of Gor, one of the slaves yells tal to a bunch of passing warriors, but its best not argue even OOC with the free)

3. Do not go into a slave greeting frenzy. The free do not wish to hear the babble of slaves talking with each other. Nor do they want to hear a lot of "Greetings sis!". Emote a smile, or a slightly raised hand to another slave, if you have a need to greet them at all.

4. Do not speak unless you are spoken to, or unless you are offering to serve a Master or Mistress.

5. Online, to denote respect, the M in the words Master and Mistress should be capitalized.

6. Do not turn your back to a free person, unless you have done so to be addressed, or to serve another free person.

7. Do not ever speak the name of a free person.

8. A typical slave response to any direction given by a free is "Yes, Master" or "Yes, Mistress".

9. Do not "hit on" a free woman's companion in her presence. Free women did not generally like slaves. They found them vile women, degrading and brazen. And remember, free women have a lot of power in their household. It was not ruled by slaves. (do not hit on FM in front of his slaves either. a lot of SL relationships run deep and lots of them go into RL, So if you have any knowledge of a FM having any other relationships with others, back off)

10. Dress as best you can to fit your role as a slave. No giant purple hair, green skin, tutu's, shoes, thigh high boots, etc. There are numerous merchants selling appropriate silks and hair throughout Second Life.

11. Never presume you may leave the presence of a free person, who has addressed you, without their permission. (if you crash, when you come back on explain what happen, most every has had issues and knows how frustrating they can be. If you have to leave while they are afk, send them IM explaining what is going on)

12. Stay in character. If you must move out of character for whatever reason, take it to an IM.

13. Behave.

The part of a slave in gor is not someone who is a pretty little statue that can chime in as he/she chooses to. No you are there for the free's pleasure and benefit. You are going to be expected to serve, dance, work and please the free as they wish.

Capital offenses
if a slave is caught doing any of the following, they could be put to death,

1.  touching a weapon, DO NOT touch any weapons of any kind, during a serve use a slicing tool, never ever pick up a knife. Also never ever strike or harm a free in any way, to do so would be death to a slave. (some sims will allow you to use fighting brooms, rocks, etc, but these are usually only allowed during a raid and only if someone other than your owner is taking you, to just up and strike a free is death for a slave)

2. Do Not dress like a free woman! no veils, no matter how cute, wear appropriate slave clothes at all time, or none at all if the free prefer

3. failing to kneel in the presence of a free man, (I have been to a few places that said I didn't have to, but remember read the rules and if you aren't sure kneel!

4. Never ever tell a free what to do!

5. do not touch money or legal documents

6. a slave owns nothing, not even their name, it can be taken away and changed at the whim of your owner

7. do not touch the Kaissa board, (a gorean game)

8. you may never lie or hide your feelings in any way

9. hide your desires

10. deny your status of being a slave or hide it in any way

1. you are an rp slave not a real one, how far you take things outside the game is your choice, DO NOT do anything out of game that makes you feel uncomfortable

2. DO NOT give real life info to just anyone, be careful who you give this stuff to

3. You don't owe a free money or lindens for being their slave, they don't have to have control of your money or lindens, giving a friend a gift is nice but never give more than you can afford

4. expect some abuse and rough rp, but you can have rp limits, if they are getting to roug

5. NO OOC abuse, it doesn't matter who they are in world, ooc and ims you don't deserve that.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slave paces

I suggest every slave to remember the following, you never know when you will be asked these questions, and if you are you better get them right!

What are you girl
You will answer, "This girl is a slave, Master! La Kajira!"

What does being a slave mean on Gor, beast?
You will answer, "It mean a girl is property and owned, Master!"

What are your duties beast?
You will answer, "A girl's duties are exquisite beauty and absolute obedience, Master!"

How do you fulfill your duties, slut?
You will answer, "A girl is to serve, please and be pleasing to all Free Persons, Master!"

When may a slave speak a Free Person's name, slut?
You will answer, "A slave may never speak the name of a Free Person, unless the Free Person has granted the slave permission, Master!"

When may a slave say 'NO' to or question a command given by a Free Person, beast?
You will answer, "Never, Master!"

A slave is always permitted the last words in a discussion. What are they?
You will answer, "Yes, Master!"

Who may punish you slut and why? How are you supposed to serve?
You will answer, "Any Free Person may punish this girl if she is displeasing. She must serve and please as if her life depends on it. For it very well may!"

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Callera Dance Competition

The Callera Dance Competition

The city of Callera is delighted to invite you to their monthly Dance Competition!!!!  Our competition is open to all female slaves of Gor, and will be on Saturday, Oct 6th from 1-3 pm slt!

The theme will be: * Victorious *

Prizes are:
-1st Place $1,000L
-2nd Place $500L
-3rd Place $250L

This event will be broadcast live by Goreans Portal Radio

Please see attached notecard for RULES, Application & the nitty gritty!

Aislynn Zimmer~

Callera, Iced Out Nation (225, 215, 1001)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Port Meqara Point

Port Meqara is recruiting role players to join our home. We have openings key positions that are fulfilling in RP and well add nicely to your RP path. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Cahir Eiren or Savante Resident.

The sim have been in Gor for 2 years and comes with extensive back story. We strive today, as Meqara always has to provide quality roleplay.  Beginners and Para RP welcome...if you need a Mentor to assist you in developing your story please see Yankee Faulkner.

Port Meqara Point, Port Meqara Point (36, 42, 21)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

City of Vigo recruiting!

The City of Vigo is a BTB city growing just to the north East of the Tarhari,We are in need of all castes. Particularly, Warriors needed to protect our city , slaves to serve all and low castes. a farm is all ready for someone to come and feed the animals and grow crops.

Lady Marie , Head Scribe( MarieOh Wycliffe)
The City of Vigo, City of Vigo (92, 42, 42)

the first...again, a theatrical performance

On Saturday, September 15th at 6 PM SLT, The Soaring Herlit in conjunction with Quill & Quarrel Productions is proud to present ...

the First...again

A special matinee will be held on Sunday, September 16th at noon SLT.

Seating for this theatrical event is limited.  For tickets please contact Aralia Torkelsonn (aralia Resident)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blood Auction

The Village of Sais Kennels will be holding a blood auction on Saturday, September 15th at Noon SLT.  Please join us as we have two girls to be opened by the lucky winners.

The slave girls named Leorah (Avibelladonna) and Kamaria (Nickidiamond)  will have their virginity raffled off to the lucky winners.  All free men, excluding enemies of Sais are invited to obtain a  ticket (using RP coins) with a chance to light the slave belly of this virgin girl. One ticket per free man.

The winning ticket holders will make arrangements with the slave girls to complete the roleplay at a mutually agreeable time, but within one hand (5 days). The slavegirls may leave the sim and be brought to the city of any Sais ally. Upon completion of their opening, she must be returned to the Sais Kennels, undamaged.

Noon - Gather at the Sais Tavern
12:15 - Girls will put on a naked dance display
12:30 - Girls will visit each table and circulate the room for display.
1:00 - Lottery will start

After the auction, guests are welcome to enjoy themselves in the tavern or take in the sights of the Village of Sais.

Any questions regarding this auction can be directed to the Sais Slaver, Sandor Aquila. ((Please send notecards as my IMs do get capped))

NOTE: While we are not charging any lindens for this event, we greatly appreciate any and all donations.

 *SAIS VILLAGE* ~Gorean Roleplay , Sais (56, 113, 23)

Kennels of my city art exhibit

KENNEL OF MY CITY. --new theme for next round of Ichrak photo exhibition( Sept15-Oct 30).Each Artist will submit 6 photos which will present kennel slave's life: slaver's punishment,training, chores. joy and sad emotions.,, what do you see the journey that a girl become a pleasing kajira ? Sign-up deadline is Sept 14th. GPR will boardcast live on SEPT 15, 1-3PM SLT. contact Lov'A ( ladylisafwd resident ) for  more info. sign-up attached

Ichrak Island - City of Ichrak, Ichrak Island (127, 36, 703)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Looking for a place?

Are you looking for a place to role play with your panther tribe?
Look no further! The sim, Dawn of Souls, which currently houses Viktel is looking for a panther tribe to move in other opposite end of the sim. This is a GE sim with lots of traffic already in place.

Please i.m Niccii Nitely for details.

Viktel Outpost, Dawn of Souls (53, 20, 62) - Moderate

Monday, September 10, 2012

Turia Adventure Dance

Calling dancers AND artisans to participate in an exciting event! Oct. 20th at 1pm, Turia is hosting "Adventure In Dance" which is two parts. It is a dance comp in which each dancer will be randomly given a quote from the books to inspire her dance. Artisans!  You will be given 8 quotes to inspire works of art such as paintings (photos) or sculpture for an art show. This is an adventure in creativity! You may quote me! See attched NC for more info. Event will be broadcast live by Gorean Portals Radio!

for more info contact

PocketPusssy Bikergrrl or Novaleigh Freng!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Vonda Arena Tournament

Greetings Kajirii of Gor and welcome to the grand opening tournament for the great arena of Vonda!

The tournament launches an all new opportunity for Kajirii to role play as it was meant to be, a place to train and hone their skills as fighting slaves through continuous battle and training.

The grand arena of Vonda will house fighting slaves, fighting animals, prisoners of war, and various characters formerly ignored in role play.  Come and learn and entertain the crowds!

The tournament will be held at the Vonda Arena on September 21st, 2012 at seven P.M. SLT.   The tournament champion will be awarded 2000 lindens.  All sims are encouraged to enter a kajirus to represent their city.  Up to 30 combatants will be in competition for the grand prize and title of tournament champion.


Good luck men!


The city of Hochburg, is beautiful place, set in a mountainous area. The city is divided in two parts. The bottom the slums, with the grand part towering over it.

houchburg_004As you enter you come in to the slums. The slums are always busy and beware of pickpockets while in this part of the city. The slums is filled with the lower caste. Some good honorable hardworking ones. Some not so much. It is said that you can buy various types services only whispered about in polite society. While I was here I heard poisons being sold, abortions, and many things the decent free would not admit to being part of or having knowledge of.


As you walk in the upper city. You will immediately see a beautiful open air cafe. I once heard a Mistress describe this part as an ivory palace above. I truly believe it is. I was quite overcome with the grandeur of this place. But as I served the wealthy free of this area I quickly learned not all is sweet and light here. Several very wealthy households live in this city. All of which want power. So as I served I often heard the free plotting against each other. You would not believe the scandalous plots I heard were in the works. I shudder to think. It is moments like that make me thankful I am a slave and no longer have to be party to such intrigue.

The Players
Overall the people playing this sim, seemed very dedicated and good natured. One minute horribly backstabbing each other in rp then joking with each other about what the just rped. I truly enjoyed it. They are para rpers, and BTB and rp is very diverse, if you go to different parts of the sim you can find completely different type of rps happening. The slums is perfect for those looking to sell their wares, buy some nice perfume, or various other things This is especially perfect for those need less the respectable things and services. The upper city however is the place of the upper caste. This is were you go for treaties, alliances and making contact with those that have power.

The sim is generally raided at least once or twice a week. Those not wanting to take part in the raids, there are tunnels for them to hide and are welcome to go ooc and move to a different part of the sim.

Those of higher caste should always be veiled, and suggested robes of concealment. Though this is not required, your reputation may suffer and as visiting fw aren't offered the same protection of the citizens, a collar is possible. Lower caste are do not have to wear veils.
~taverns are always off limits to FW
~collaring of  FW citizens not allowed without a trail, non citizen Fw have will be detained until she can stand before the magistrate
~visiting FW and owned slaves may have npc protector in another part of the sim

The sim its self does not have have city or slum slaves but has many options for a slave other than private such as-the various houses, barracks slaves (for the red caste), bath house slaves, and the taverns.
Things for slaves to know
~in the slums you can stand
~in the slum's tavern you must be naked
~the city is of high caste, watch your P's and Q's

You may come in as disguised as a FW but do not at any point draw a bow or any sort of non fw weapon. But do not come in looking like a panther.
~panthers only if dressed like FW, you may rp a kidnapping but keep it plausible,
~panthers may not raid in force
~Do Not come in dressed as a panther

Special sim info
they have rentals of all kinds for the citizens of the sim

special thanks to
Severus Tacitus (judeae)
mere(meridith topaz)
lynn(lynnette laville)
Ellaise (Ellasie Chrome)
Ciara Fearne
Lady Heaven Wahwah (heaven Andretti)
Solaris Ghostraven
Arthurine (arthurine somerset)
Rosatui resident-tavern slave
kar (akari chuich)

and special thanks to all in Hochburg for the wonderful rp

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Great shop, I remember this shop from when I was first time I was in Gor. They carry furniture and wearables that will aide in Rp. As for furniture you can find things for high and low caste. Things for scribery, infirmary, and kitchen. As for the the wearables, lots of caste bags, backpacks, slave trays and even gorean dolls and one a gardening backpack. While I was there I even picked up an adorable princess kajira doll, it was too cute! Also they take part in 30L Saturday and 35L Sunday.

AccessoGOR, Elar Imerra (97, 248, 801)

Port Cos recruiting

Port Cos
Port Cos is looking for Gorean old timers as well as those who are eager to learn what it means to rp in the beautiful BTB City of Port Cos. We look for Scribes to work in a city focused on trade whose goal is to earn coin for all.

Port Cos, Port Cos (165, 50, 475)

Friday, September 07, 2012

Kaissa tournament

Welcome to visit in a beautiful torvaldslsland village Ivar's Landfall, explorer high mountains and forest with kuriis or come to watch northern kaissa tournament in kaissa tournament camp (Teleporter destination camp).

Tournament runs daily matches agains kaissa players of Gor and there are other smaller games and exhibitons along tournament in amazing camp.

The kaissa tournament will be running every day in september.

for more info contact
Ivar Longbeard (Ivar Eberhardt)

Ivar's Landfall, Oupolis (41, 149, 759) - Adult

Port Suri seeking a Slaver

The city of Suri.. A BTB sim located south of the Anango islands is currently seeking a Slaver. With many free in the city and rp events weekly ic storylines we are seeking a slaver to take over the kennels and bring slave rp to life. positions available in many other caste  as well. We welcome all..Take the LM below and come on down..Seek Winchestermills Colter.


Port Suri  - BTB Gorean City, Valhalla Cliffs (57, 142, 22)

Tampica recruiting

Tampica is seeking roleplayers: Scarlets, Scribes, Low Caste, slaves & everything in between.  We are one of SL's oldest sims.  Were one of the last warm water port before you head north.

Do you need a place to call home to get away from everyday stress of a companion or slave?  Why not rent here?  Our rental prices are quite reasonable.  Tampica is relaxing for the mind, body & soul.

Looking for a place to sell the items you make?  We have nicely priced store rentals.

Tampica Woods NLS Village, Rheannon (97, 251, 23)

Port Kalana recruiting

Come take a look this incredible city!
We are BTB! No market causing lag, just good RP!
Slaves are dripping from the walls!
The people here areold school goreans!
Make Port Kalana your home!

Looking for all positions.
Port Kalana, Dark Paradise (106, 60, 24)

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Most beautiful eyes contest

Novaleigh   freng
Kaylin  pixelmaid
Hayden  cerise
syndi  dryke
Assiak  resident

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES Ichrak photo contest

Dear contestants,

Thank you for signing up for this exciting photo contest,  photo contest Board is located at right side of Hayden's Booth. we are still accepting more sign-ups , Hurry up !!
Voting will start at Sept 15th 1-3pm During GPR show, All Contestants need to UPDATE THEIR PROFILE PHOTO with the contesting "eyes" photo (showing the close shot of eyes) by Sept 14th, the contest board will be updated and show the "eyes" photos.

Lov'A ( First girl of Ichrak )
Ichrak Island - City of Ichrak, Ichrak Island (127, 36, 703)

☆Port Olni Tandem Dance Competition☆

. ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯)
(.¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤ยบ.`•.¸.•´

  ☆Port Olni Tandem Dance Competition☆

Saturday, September 15th at 11am SLT

Port Olni

Have you ever wanted to dance with another slave? Or with your owner?  Play up a rivalry?  Dance with a best friend or beloved chain sister?  Do a belt dance or whip dance with your Master as an active participant?

Well, now is your chance!

You are cordially invited to Port Olni for a tandem dance competition!  Two dancers will be allowed in the pit, both animated and allowed to emote!  Express your creativity, love of dance, need to serve and luscious slave heat in a new way!  Kajira, kajirus and Free are all welcome to participate.

Dances will be limited to ten minutes.  Judging will be based on creativity, uniqueness, accuracy, writing, faithfulness to the books of John Norman, and sensuality.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three, including sponsor gifts and a Linden prize!

To enter, please fill out the following application, and return it to Iris ((Anara Lexenstar)) no later than September 1.  The first ten applications received will be accepted.  Music must be turned in no later than September 8.

Please note that last minute substitutions of dancers will not be accepted.  No changes will be accepted after September 8. The dances performed must be the result of the collaboration of the two dancers who enter the pit and no one else.

Vonda Tavern Dance

Greeting Everyone!
Tavern of Vonda will like to inviteYou  to a Dance in Vonda Tavern
 14 september , 2012
Time: 2 pm slt (dancer must be on sim 30 minutes prior)

All dancers seeking to compete must fill out application (see attached) and return. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis. First 12 applications received will guarantee a position
 This Competition will be almost  freestyle and  theme is Tavern dancing.
  Be creative.
A panel of 3 neutral Judges will be judged on gorean styling..... creativety, sexiness, emoting and descriptvness...

These are the rules for the compeition:

1.  All dances MUST be no longer then 10 minutes, please make posts readable in the local chat box
2.   Permission from Owners not required unless your Owner requires you to gain permission

Due to the possibliity of lag and to keep the Competition fair to all dancers. Meters will be removed and script usage kept to a minimum. DJ will be used for the event to add atmosphere to dance. Lastly, The event although meterless is IC and all clothing MUST be Gorean.

Prizes: {might grow whith the time}
Frist Place: $1500 L and Silks frome Second Moon wort 1500L ๔€€‰
Second Place: $500 L  Dance Pit frome TTD wort 700L
Third Place $500 L  Gorean slave HUD frome Queens  wort 500L

All Enter will Get a gift

For Vonda Tavern
TavernKeeper1 Resident

To visit click: Vonda

Thentis Sword Tournament

Messengers walk the streets, announcing the coming event.  "The great city of Thentis and Primus weapons are holding another tournament!" they shout.
"Best of three and open to all Free Men" one says says to a passing Warrior "Primus gift cards to the winners!"
"September 8th at 2pm SLT" one of the messengers says, poking you in the chest "Are you brave enough to compete?"

Tal, and thank you for your interest in the Thentis Sword Tournament. This will be held at the arena at Thentis just left of the front gate.

Date: 09/08/2012
Time: 2slt pm (registration is at 1pm slt)

Weapons: The weapon used will be a Primus Treme blade and shield.


AOs: No AO

Run: Yes

Shield: Yes (GM sword shield only - Provided by Primus)

Setup: This is a Best of Three style elimination tournament.

Prize: (Primus Gift cards : 1st is 1000L 2nd is 500L)

If you have any Questions please contact Ozark Hunter (ozarkhunter Resident)

to visit, click here Thentis

City of Vigo Dance competition

                ✿  City of Vigo Dance Competition ✿              
Greetings kajirae.
The City of Vigo will host it's first dance competition Saturday, September 8th, at 1 PM SLT, with many more to come in the future.

We attached for your convenience a dance card, please fill it out if you are interested in participating. To guarantee your spot, please send it in as soon as possible.

We welcome you to show your talents to the Masters and Mistresses and make your owners as well as your city proud.

Date: September 8th 1012
When: 1:00 PM SLT
Where: City of Vigo

 Prizes for 1st.: $ 3,500
 2nd:                $ 1,000
 3rd:                 $   500

plus other prizes from our sponsors.

 Prizes may go up during the contest.
 For more information, please contact shiri (Destiny Bizet)

Port Olni Carnival

The City of Port Olni is proud to announce it's 3rd Anniversary Carnival this weekend!!
Friday, September 7 through Saturday, September 9
Events all three days for Men, Women and kajirae!
Come join us in this happy celebration!!!

All times are SL times!

FRIDAY - September 7
    Trasure Hunt (all weekend)
   10 a Game of Favors
    12 noon Slave cart racing
     2 pm  Arrow Shooting  
SATURDAY - September 8
    10a IMPROMPTU Dance competition  ***Up First today!!!!***
     12 noon  Man of Steel
     2pm Quizz
SUNDAY - September 9
    10am Warrior Run
    12 noon Pebble Run
    2pm Tharlarion Race
    Closing of Treasure Hunt

to visit click here: Port Olni