Arcadia, Village of Shiga
We are beginner-friendly. and specialize on the daily life. See one of the most stunning landscapes and wildlife on Gor, and if there is a role for You in the growing village of Shiga, isle of Arcadia!
check out link for the positions open and what they offer
Arcadia (Shiga Sim), Shiga (18, 171, 22)

Port Cos
Port Cos is looking for Gorean old timers as well as those who are eager to learn what it means to rp in the beautiful BTB City of Port Cos. We look for Scribes to work in a city focused on trade whose goal is to earn coin for all.
Port Cos, Port Cos (165, 50, 475)

Port  Kalana
Come take a look this incredible city!
We are BTB! No market causing lag, just good RP!
Slaves are dripping from the walls!
The people here areold school goreans!
Make Port Kalana your home!
Looking for all positions.
Port Kalana, Dark Paradise (106, 60, 24)

Port Meqara Point

Port Meqara is recruiting role players to join our home. We have openings key positions that are fulfilling in RP and well add nicely to your RP path. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Cahir Eiren or Savante Resident.
The sim have been in Gor for 2 years and comes with extensive back story. We strive today, as Meqara always has to provide quality roleplay.  Beginners and Para RP welcome...if you need a Mentor to assist you in developing your story please see Yankee Faulkner.
Port Meqara Point, Port Meqara Point (36, 42, 21)

Port Suri
The city of Suri.. A BTB sim located south of the Anango islands is currently seeking a Slaver. With many free in the city and rp events weekly ic storylines we are seeking a slaver to take over the kennels and bring slave rp to life. positions available in many other caste  as well. We welcome all..Take the LM below and come on down..Seek Winchestermills Colter.
Port Suri  - BTB Gorean City, Valhalla Cliffs (57, 142, 22)

Tampica is seeking roleplayers: Scarlets, Scribes, Low Caste, slaves & everything in between.  We are one of SL's oldest sims.  Were one of the last warm water port before you head north.
Do you need a place to call home to get away from everyday stress of a companion or slave?  Why not rent here?  Our rental prices are quite reasonable.  Tampica is relaxing for the mind, body & soul.
Looking for a place to sell the items you make?  We have nicely priced store rentals.
Tampica Woods NLS Village, Rheannon (97, 251, 23)


Are you looking for a place to role play with your panther tribe?
Look no further! The sim, Dawn of Souls, which currently houses Viktel is looking for a panther tribe to move in other opposite end of the sim. This is a GE sim with lots of traffic already in place.
Please i.m Niccii Nitely for details.
Viktel Outpost, Dawn of Souls (53, 20, 62) - Moderate

City of Vigo

The City of Vigo is a BTB city growing just to the north East of the Tarhari,We are in need of all castes. Particularly, Warriors needed to protect our city , slaves to serve all and low castes. a farm is all ready for someone to come and feed the animals and grow crops.

Lady Marie , Head Scribe( MarieOh Wycliffe)
The City of Vigo, City of Vigo (92, 42, 42)

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