Thursday, August 21, 2008

slave papers and slave profile

I now sit happily at my Masters feet. I am his property, his true and true. When making such a change there are other changes needed to make. First of course is that of making slave papers. Even in sl gor you need to be legal, sort of speak. During rp you may be asked to show them, especially when traveling.


As far as writing up a slave paper, they can be eloborate or simple. It mainly only needs to states the names of the owner/s and the slaves names and the date of the collaring. If this is done in gor it is a good idea to be sealed with the seal of the homestone of her Master/Mistress.

Even though looking at ones profile is considered very bad rp, it is usually used as a kind of slave paper document. So for a girls own safety, when traveling in gor, a girl should put her owners name in her profile. As a matter of fact most Masters will demand it of you.

heres mine:

Property of Trenton Childs
lovingly collared 08/15/08
~*Red Silk Restricted*~

Any comments of concerns about this girl should be notecarded and sent to her owner, Master Trenton Childs any free may punish this girl.


It's also a good idea to put your rp limits and restrictions in your pics section

Restrictions and rp limits are basically what you are willing to do and what your Master is willing to let you do.
My restrictions:
This slave is allowed to serve food and drink to the Free as they wish; however, this slave is not to be harmed, damaged, mutilated, disfigured, or killed. Doing so damages my property and lessens its' value just compenstation will be sought. This girls body is for the pleasure of her Master only and restricted from anything sexual with anyone other than her Master and his household.

My rp limits:
I am dating sl Master in real life, I will not do anything to betray him.
My body is restricted to my Master and his household.
I will not do.......permant mutilation, rape or hair cutting and I can't dominate

Another nice thing for a slave to have but was not in the books and is considered an onlineism is a slave paper holder.
My Master has put several papers in my paper carrier
1. my slave papers, which contains my ownership papers, a copy of my submission and old documentation of past ownerships
2. my Masters rules and instructions
3. my rp history
4. my health papers
5. Skills and training

As far editing collars and slave paper holders if your like me and your earth home doesn't have many prim usage or you don't have a home a good place to go is the gorean sandbox. Markets of Semris - A Gorean San, Edgington (68, 38, 652)

((if anyone needs some blank slave papers just IM me or my Master Trenton Childs, and we will send you some))

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Submission dances

Submission of Ashlyn
(picture taken by Daron Brandeis of DAB photography)

In Gor there lots of different traditions. One of the most beautiful is that of dancing. There many different types of gorean dances. One of which is the submission dance. This can be a story dance, in which it retells the story of the girls submission to her Master, or a way of telling her Master how much he means to her, or the actual submission it's self.

The dance expresses the girls feelings to her collar. Each submission dance is very unique. As no slave and Master relation is the same. The dance reflects the girls struggles and desires surrounding her collar. Most submission dances usually end with the girl accepting her fate.

Submitting to a Master or Mistress is considered a beautiful thing in Gor. There are many ways to make it special. I chose dancing because partly because I was scared to dance and it would truely show how much my Master meant to me, to overcome my fears for him.


My writen dance:

/me squirms uncomfortably and tugs at her veil

/me shifts her weight nervously and then brings her hand up ther mouth and tugs at her glove with her teeth

/me breaths heavily and in pure desperations rips off her gloves

~~~~~~~~~~take off gloves~~~~~~~~~

/me lets out a sigh and turns to Trent with tears in her eyes

~~~~~~~~~~~~Turns to Trent~~~~~~~~~~~

my love I can no longer live a lie. My love is deep and my need to serve is storng

/me brings her small hand to her face and with one quick movement rips the balck fabric form her face

~~~~~~~~~~~~take off veil~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/me looks down to her feet without saying a word she hikes up her skirt and lighltly kicks off her shoes

~~~~~~~~~~remove shoes~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~ao off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/me strertces out her arms pleading to him to take her

~~~~~~~~~~~buy me!-d~~~~~~~~~~

/me turns lightly on her heels and slowly slides her skirt down

~~~~~~~~~~remove skirt~~~~~~~~~~~~

/me steps lightly away form the bonds of her freedom and twirls about feeling the joy of her beatiful bondage


/me's body swoons and sways to the love she feels and her desire to please well up with in her a desire that only slavery can appease

/me blue-green eyes look up to him pleadingly her whole body now seems to be taken over by something she can longer her control. She is at the point of no return

~~~~~~~~~~liquid persia~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/me slides downward finding herself on the floor. There is no going back now, the world now knows what she is, her truth is out she is la kajira

/me finds the truth brings a relief to her entire body as she feels her new life take hold, she becomes very overwhelmed with desire

/me heart begins to beat faster and faster, her whole body tires her beathing becomes heavy as fear sets in,

/me she begins to fear he will refuse her and shes falls to the floor in desperation

/me laying helplessly on the floor, sighs deeply and looks to the man she hopes to call her Master

/me she slides up to her knees, and then slides her small arms behind her head


I give you all that I am, and all that I will be
I beg you make me as yours

~~~~~~~~~change ao to kajira ao~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ao on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~stop animation~~~~~~~~~~~~

The actual performance:
[17:16] Ashlyn Cazalet looks toward her fc strange, tyring to gather the strength to tell him something
[17:17] Trenton Childs looking to Ashlyn
[17:18] You: um, so how is everyone tonight?
[17:19] Trenton Childs: I'm well, smiles
[17:19] Ashlyn Cazalet tugs nervously at her veil
[17:19] toy Korobase smiles to the lovely girl
[17:19] Daron Brandeis: we are weary from our travels but we are happy to be here
[17:19] meesai Mazi: girl is well Thank You.
[17:21] Trenton Childs: care to see the Tavern Daron?
[17:21] Daron Brandeis: Aye
[17:22] Daron Brandeis: i will getr mine to serve me some ale
[17:22] Daron Brandeis: whilst im there
[17:22] Trenton Childs: this way, smiles, join us everyone
[17:22] Daron Brandeis: thirsty work travelling
[17:23] Ashlyn Cazalet shifts nervously side to side
[17:23] Daron Brandeis: so where shall we sit
[17:23] Trenton Childs: this is our tavern, it was recently moved here from the other side of the gate
[17:24] Trenton Childs: we can sit here
[17:24] Daron Brandeis: Aye
[17:24] Daron Brandeis: pats the floor next to him for his slave to come closer
[17:24] toy Korobase: tibit
[17:24] toy Korobase: come closer
[17:25] fallon Maertens rises and bit and crawls to His side smiling up to Him
[17:25] Ashlyn Cazalet birngs her hand to her mouth and tugs on her glove with her teeth
[17:26] meesai Mazi: may tibit get you something refreshing to drink, Master?
[17:27] Ashlyn Cazalet aburtly rips her glove from her hands
[17:27] Daron Brandeis: watches the free women intently
[17:27] Trenton Childs: in a little bit, yes, tibit, smiles
[17:27] toy Korobase glances up seeing the lace fall to the ground
[17:27] meesai Mazi smiles warmly as she waits.
[17:27] fallon Maertens watches the glove hit the floor confused
[17:28] Ashlyn Cazalet lets out a sigh of relief and steps into the dance pit and faces her fc
[17:28] toy Korobase watches the beautiful and brave lady a smiles teasing soft lips
[17:29] You: my love I can no longer live a lie, My love is deep and my need to serve is strong
[17:29] Ashlyn Cazalet brings her small hand to her face and with one quick movement rips the balck fabric from her face
[17:30] Trenton Childs watching intently, smiles
[17:30] Daron Brandeis: looks on intently wondering if this action happens all the time in this city
[17:31] Ashlyn Cazalet down to her feet and with out saying a word slowly hikes up her skirt and lightly kicks off her shoes
[17:31] fallon Maertens watches on admiring Her bravery
[17:31] Ashlyn Cazalet stretches out her arms pleading him to take her
[17:32] Ashlyn Cazalet turns lightly on her heels and slowly sldes her skirt
[17:33] Ashlyn Cazalet as she lightly steps away fro the bonds of her freedowm and twirls about feelign the joy of her beautiful bondage
[17:34] Ashlyn Cazalet's body swoons and sways to the love she feels and her desire to please wells up within her a desire that can only be quenched by slavery
[17:34] toy Korobase my eyes intent as I watch her become more beautiful with each movement
[17:35] Trenton Childs watching amazed and in awe of the skills that my sweet is showing
[17:35] Ashlyn Cazalet 's blue green eys look up to him pleadingly her whole body now seems to be taken over by something she can no longer control. She has reached the point of no return
[17:37] Ashlyn Cazalet slides downward findign ehrself on the floor there is no going back now, the world now knows what she is her truth is out she is La Kajira!!
[17:38] Ashlyn Cazalet the truth brings her relief not just in her mind, she soons feels it all over, she quickly becomes overwhelmed
[17:39] Ashlyn Cazalet her heart begins to beat faster and faster, her whole body tires her brebreathing becomes heavy as fear set in
[17:40] Ashlyn Cazalet she begins to fear he will refuse her and with that thougth she falls to the floor in desperation
[17:41] Ashlyn Cazalet laying there helplessly on the floor, she looks to the man she hopes to call Master
[17:41] Ashlyn Cazalet she slies up to her knees and then slides her small arms hehind head
[17:42] You: I give you all taht I am and all taht I will be
[17:42] You: I beg you make me yours
[17:43] Trenton Childs smiles, as I look down on the companion who will now be my slave
[17:43] Ashlyn Cazalet looks up in tears
[17:43] toy Korobase eyes following the movements of the two on the sands
[17:44] meesai Mazi smiles warmly in total awwe.
[17:44] toy Korobase smiles seeing a lovely girl where once was a woman
[17:45] Trenton Childs running my fingers through her hair, "you have given the greates gift that any woman can give a man, her complete submission. You have made me prouder then any man can be of someone he loves. This collar will last forever..."
[17:45] fallon Maertens smiles warmly to the Master and her new sister in slavery
[17:46] Trenton Childs taking the collar from inside my cloak, placing it arround your neck, closing it, then locking the lins in place, the symbol of your slavery now in place, for all to see
[17:47] Trenton Childs: you are now, my ash, smiles
[17:47] Ashlyn Cazalet slides her arms behind
[17:47] Trenton Childs ripping free the robes of concealment
[17:48] Ashlyn Cazalet looks with hope to the future
[17:48] Trenton Childs: you are now a slave, a kajira, for all to see
[17:49] Ashlyn Cazalet smiles nervously to the others
[17:50] Trenton Childs gripping you by your long slave perfection, leading you back with me to wear I sat
[17:51] Daron Brandeis: looks to trenton
[17:51] Daron Brandeis: congratulations brother
[17:51] Daron Brandeis: a beautiful city and a beautiful kajira as well
[17:51] Trenton Childs: thank you Daron, smiles
[17:51] Daron Brandeis: mine fetch ale
[17:51] Daron Brandeis: lets celebrate
[17:52] toy Korobase: Congratulations Trent, she is very beautiful and a lucky girl

I did not copy and paste, I typed it out, mainly out of fear that I would not time it right. So you can see I actually changed it a bit during the preformance. This helps if things happen during your performance that force you to alter it. Luckily the panthers waited till after my dance to attack the city.

Thank god for huddles! If you don't have one get one or a chim, they help when changing from dance to dance.

All I had to do with huddles was drop in the animations and make a notecard with all the animations. Then I was easily able to switch from animation to animation.

animations used:
buy me-purchased at gor jus
swoon and liquid persia purchased at sine wave
sleep and submit-freebies not sure where I got them