Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gorean Information center

I have been out of Gor and SL for awhile. Well I am back and wanting to get back to this blog and the general swing of all things gorean, I visited this place to help me. I was very impressed.

First of all it has lots of information, and very good information at that. Those wanting to build up a gorean library need to start here. This is a perfect place to bring someone new to Gor, a good place to explain things and get them settled before putting them into rp. I really liked the info on panthers, they tend to get looked over in the information department.


They is also a great place to advertise your sim, school, etc. I was actually surprised we had so many schools in gor.

My favorite part is without doubt the teleporters. I LOVE THEM!! There are two tp globus, and the put the sims in classifications to help you find exactly what you are looking for.
The first tp is divided up by:
info and help sims
gorean schools
wagon people sims
gay sims
other lms

The second tp is divided by
1. gor rp
2. gor btb-by the books
3. gor rpsz-safezones
4. GM gorean meter
5. honor meter
6. glm
7. metalife
8. nls

Also be sure to check out the GIC specials and freebies and there yard sale.

This is overall a great sim, so please check it out!! I enjoyed it!

GIC - GOREAN INFORMATION CENTER , Collar (141, 117, 22)

oh also check out there website: http://english-gorean-information-center.blogspot.com/