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Rovere is a rustic city that has built itself back from turmoil and gor qwaks. The buildings have a beautiful charm to them and sea air will do anyones health The port has built up a good fishing, farming, lumber mills, and pottery trade businesses. When you first step onto the docks you will find the RP Gorean trading post. This is a great place to get all your rp needs.(using your gorean coins, from the gorean meter)


There is a slight hike up to the city, but when entering the city you will first see the Tre'moon inn. This is a lovely place run by the local baker, Sugar Shui. The city also has some of the best kajira I have seen.
They put their girls through a very rigorous training program, ran by Vamp Quintessa. The girls are very well behaved and seem to go to one task to another without being told.

Rovere-chore board_001

The people here are strong, proud and were very hospitable. I enjoyed the people very much, I fear, though I think I saw a few outlaws running about, so please be careful.

High Positions
Ubar: Cloudy Boothroyd
Ubara: Jini Krasner
Regent: Krondar Jefferson

Assigned positions of the city
Chief Scribe: Jini Krasner
Magistrate: Jini Krasner
Chief Builder: Aly Cyr
Chief Physician: Nevaeh Morstram
Physician: Sexxibabii McCallen
Slaver: ThunderCloud Tabacznyk, JaXx Voss
Chief Merchant: Aarron Lefavre
First Sword: Rikward Torok
Second Sword: Ulf Etchegaray
Captain: Riverdog Ninetails
Inn Keeper: Sugar Shui

They are currently recruiting the following:
Warriors - We are currently seeking warriors to help protect and defend the homestone of Rovere.

Master of Arms - Responsible for testing and keeping current account of new weapons for approved use in Rovere. Training new warriors

Ambassador - Rovere is currently seeking an Ambassador who will work between cities to form alliance talks.

Physicians - Healers are needed in Rovere to give slave exams, treating the free and emergency medical after raids.

Tavern Master - Rovere has an Inn but we also have a Tavern. Our Inn is run by Sugar Shui but we seek a man to run the tavern and events that occur there. He will be responisble for working with the Head Merchant in keeping the tavern supplied for the men.

All Low Caste - Rovere is in need of Blacksmith, Lamp Lighters, Perfumers, Peasents.. Any Low Caste .. Dock Workers, Net Makers, Ship Workers.

All slaves - The Great City Of Rovere, would like to invite all slaves owned/unowned to thier New training Program. Under this program you will be taught not only the basics of how to be pleasing, but the needed skills to become one of the best Kajira around Gor. We offer extensive training to all slaves to include Serving, Chores, and Dancing. Please Get Ahold of The Slaver of Rovere Thundercloud Tabaczynk or the kennel Mistress Vamp Quintessa for Further details.

there are several houses available for rent
2 room 2 story buildings at 500L a week and with 200 prims
Market Special - All new Rentals get 1 free weeks rent.

Bottom Floor 25 prims for 150L a week
Top Floor 25 prims for 100L a week

To visit just click: