Thursday, August 21, 2008

slave papers and slave profile

I now sit happily at my Masters feet. I am his property, his true and true. When making such a change there are other changes needed to make. First of course is that of making slave papers. Even in sl gor you need to be legal, sort of speak. During rp you may be asked to show them, especially when traveling.


As far as writing up a slave paper, they can be eloborate or simple. It mainly only needs to states the names of the owner/s and the slaves names and the date of the collaring. If this is done in gor it is a good idea to be sealed with the seal of the homestone of her Master/Mistress.

Even though looking at ones profile is considered very bad rp, it is usually used as a kind of slave paper document. So for a girls own safety, when traveling in gor, a girl should put her owners name in her profile. As a matter of fact most Masters will demand it of you.

heres mine:

Property of Trenton Childs
lovingly collared 08/15/08
~*Red Silk Restricted*~

Any comments of concerns about this girl should be notecarded and sent to her owner, Master Trenton Childs any free may punish this girl.


It's also a good idea to put your rp limits and restrictions in your pics section

Restrictions and rp limits are basically what you are willing to do and what your Master is willing to let you do.
My restrictions:
This slave is allowed to serve food and drink to the Free as they wish; however, this slave is not to be harmed, damaged, mutilated, disfigured, or killed. Doing so damages my property and lessens its' value just compenstation will be sought. This girls body is for the pleasure of her Master only and restricted from anything sexual with anyone other than her Master and his household.

My rp limits:
I am dating sl Master in real life, I will not do anything to betray him.
My body is restricted to my Master and his household.
I will not do.......permant mutilation, rape or hair cutting and I can't dominate

Another nice thing for a slave to have but was not in the books and is considered an onlineism is a slave paper holder.
My Master has put several papers in my paper carrier
1. my slave papers, which contains my ownership papers, a copy of my submission and old documentation of past ownerships
2. my Masters rules and instructions
3. my rp history
4. my health papers
5. Skills and training

As far editing collars and slave paper holders if your like me and your earth home doesn't have many prim usage or you don't have a home a good place to go is the gorean sandbox. Markets of Semris - A Gorean San, Edgington (68, 38, 652)

((if anyone needs some blank slave papers just IM me or my Master Trenton Childs, and we will send you some))

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