Sunday, May 12, 2013

Isle of Tarns Impromptu Dance Exhibition

* Isle of Tarns Impromptu Dance Exhibition
Isle of Tarns
Saturday, August 17, 2013 1PM SLT
Greetings!  The Isle of Tarns invites dancers to please consider performing at our Impromptu Dance Exhibition to celebrate and promote the Gorean art of dancing impromptu.

Details of Event:

EVENT:  Isle of Tarns Impromptu Dance Exhibition

Isle of Tarns , Isle of Innovation (160, 194, 21) - Adult

DATE:  Saturday,  August 17 , 2013
TIME:   1PM SLT  (Dancers must be in place 20 minutes prior)
~A Goreans Portal Radio Event~

1. Accepting applications for seven dancers and two alternates

2. Each dancer will have 15 minutes to perform an impromptu dance ~ minimum of five posts

3. Dancers will know their dance order prior to dancing

4. A five-minute prep time will be given to each dancer with dance theme and tempo of music that will be played during their dance. For example: "you have been commanded to dance outside a tavern to lure patrons into the establishment and your music will be sultry and fast"

6. Dancers may request to see venue the week prior by arrangement of a mutually convenient time

5. Enjoy! This is an exhibition dance for the pure enjoyment and celebration of dancing impromptu ~ all performing dancers will receive a gift package

Contact person for information:
celina (Libby Landmann)
Property of Master Chaos
Isle of Tarns

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