Monday, September 17, 2012

Guide for the new kajira

Here are the top things you need to know, found this from a great in world notecard, called, the stuff in parenthesis are what I added.

1. When a free person is near you, or in your path, kneel immediately.
a. If you are a pleasure slave and the free person is a man, nadu.
b. If you are a pleasure slave and the free person is a woman, tower.
c. If you are a pleasure slave and the free people present are a man and a woman, nadu.(if you are in direct service to FW or are asked to by a FW go to tower)
d. If you are an unopened slave, tower, regardless of who is present. You would change your position however, if directed to do so by a free man.

2. Do not assume every free person wants you to greet them. If they are obviously standing near you, greet respectfully. "Greetings, Master", or "Greetings, Mistress" will suffice. The typical accepted order of greeting is as follows: Owner, High Caste, Men, Women. (some people will tell you a slave can never say Tal, but in Kajira of Gor, one of the slaves yells tal to a bunch of passing warriors, but its best not argue even OOC with the free)

3. Do not go into a slave greeting frenzy. The free do not wish to hear the babble of slaves talking with each other. Nor do they want to hear a lot of "Greetings sis!". Emote a smile, or a slightly raised hand to another slave, if you have a need to greet them at all.

4. Do not speak unless you are spoken to, or unless you are offering to serve a Master or Mistress.

5. Online, to denote respect, the M in the words Master and Mistress should be capitalized.

6. Do not turn your back to a free person, unless you have done so to be addressed, or to serve another free person.

7. Do not ever speak the name of a free person.

8. A typical slave response to any direction given by a free is "Yes, Master" or "Yes, Mistress".

9. Do not "hit on" a free woman's companion in her presence. Free women did not generally like slaves. They found them vile women, degrading and brazen. And remember, free women have a lot of power in their household. It was not ruled by slaves. (do not hit on FM in front of his slaves either. a lot of SL relationships run deep and lots of them go into RL, So if you have any knowledge of a FM having any other relationships with others, back off)

10. Dress as best you can to fit your role as a slave. No giant purple hair, green skin, tutu's, shoes, thigh high boots, etc. There are numerous merchants selling appropriate silks and hair throughout Second Life.

11. Never presume you may leave the presence of a free person, who has addressed you, without their permission. (if you crash, when you come back on explain what happen, most every has had issues and knows how frustrating they can be. If you have to leave while they are afk, send them IM explaining what is going on)

12. Stay in character. If you must move out of character for whatever reason, take it to an IM.

13. Behave.

The part of a slave in gor is not someone who is a pretty little statue that can chime in as he/she chooses to. No you are there for the free's pleasure and benefit. You are going to be expected to serve, dance, work and please the free as they wish.

Capital offenses
if a slave is caught doing any of the following, they could be put to death,

1.  touching a weapon, DO NOT touch any weapons of any kind, during a serve use a slicing tool, never ever pick up a knife. Also never ever strike or harm a free in any way, to do so would be death to a slave. (some sims will allow you to use fighting brooms, rocks, etc, but these are usually only allowed during a raid and only if someone other than your owner is taking you, to just up and strike a free is death for a slave)

2. Do Not dress like a free woman! no veils, no matter how cute, wear appropriate slave clothes at all time, or none at all if the free prefer

3. failing to kneel in the presence of a free man, (I have been to a few places that said I didn't have to, but remember read the rules and if you aren't sure kneel!

4. Never ever tell a free what to do!

5. do not touch money or legal documents

6. a slave owns nothing, not even their name, it can be taken away and changed at the whim of your owner

7. do not touch the Kaissa board, (a gorean game)

8. you may never lie or hide your feelings in any way

9. hide your desires

10. deny your status of being a slave or hide it in any way

1. you are an rp slave not a real one, how far you take things outside the game is your choice, DO NOT do anything out of game that makes you feel uncomfortable

2. DO NOT give real life info to just anyone, be careful who you give this stuff to

3. You don't owe a free money or lindens for being their slave, they don't have to have control of your money or lindens, giving a friend a gift is nice but never give more than you can afford

4. expect some abuse and rough rp, but you can have rp limits, if they are getting to roug

5. NO OOC abuse, it doesn't matter who they are in world, ooc and ims you don't deserve that.

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