Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blood Auction

The Village of Sais Kennels will be holding a blood auction on Saturday, September 15th at Noon SLT.  Please join us as we have two girls to be opened by the lucky winners.

The slave girls named Leorah (Avibelladonna) and Kamaria (Nickidiamond)  will have their virginity raffled off to the lucky winners.  All free men, excluding enemies of Sais are invited to obtain a  ticket (using RP coins) with a chance to light the slave belly of this virgin girl. One ticket per free man.

The winning ticket holders will make arrangements with the slave girls to complete the roleplay at a mutually agreeable time, but within one hand (5 days). The slavegirls may leave the sim and be brought to the city of any Sais ally. Upon completion of their opening, she must be returned to the Sais Kennels, undamaged.

Noon - Gather at the Sais Tavern
12:15 - Girls will put on a naked dance display
12:30 - Girls will visit each table and circulate the room for display.
1:00 - Lottery will start

After the auction, guests are welcome to enjoy themselves in the tavern or take in the sights of the Village of Sais.

Any questions regarding this auction can be directed to the Sais Slaver, Sandor Aquila. ((Please send notecards as my IMs do get capped))

NOTE: While we are not charging any lindens for this event, we greatly appreciate any and all donations.

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