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The city of Hochburg, is beautiful place, set in a mountainous area. The city is divided in two parts. The bottom the slums, with the grand part towering over it.

houchburg_004As you enter you come in to the slums. The slums are always busy and beware of pickpockets while in this part of the city. The slums is filled with the lower caste. Some good honorable hardworking ones. Some not so much. It is said that you can buy various types services only whispered about in polite society. While I was here I heard poisons being sold, abortions, and many things the decent free would not admit to being part of or having knowledge of.


As you walk in the upper city. You will immediately see a beautiful open air cafe. I once heard a Mistress describe this part as an ivory palace above. I truly believe it is. I was quite overcome with the grandeur of this place. But as I served the wealthy free of this area I quickly learned not all is sweet and light here. Several very wealthy households live in this city. All of which want power. So as I served I often heard the free plotting against each other. You would not believe the scandalous plots I heard were in the works. I shudder to think. It is moments like that make me thankful I am a slave and no longer have to be party to such intrigue.

The Players
Overall the people playing this sim, seemed very dedicated and good natured. One minute horribly backstabbing each other in rp then joking with each other about what the just rped. I truly enjoyed it. They are para rpers, and BTB and rp is very diverse, if you go to different parts of the sim you can find completely different type of rps happening. The slums is perfect for those looking to sell their wares, buy some nice perfume, or various other things This is especially perfect for those need less the respectable things and services. The upper city however is the place of the upper caste. This is were you go for treaties, alliances and making contact with those that have power.

The sim is generally raided at least once or twice a week. Those not wanting to take part in the raids, there are tunnels for them to hide and are welcome to go ooc and move to a different part of the sim.

Those of higher caste should always be veiled, and suggested robes of concealment. Though this is not required, your reputation may suffer and as visiting fw aren't offered the same protection of the citizens, a collar is possible. Lower caste are do not have to wear veils.
~taverns are always off limits to FW
~collaring of  FW citizens not allowed without a trail, non citizen Fw have will be detained until she can stand before the magistrate
~visiting FW and owned slaves may have npc protector in another part of the sim

The sim its self does not have have city or slum slaves but has many options for a slave other than private such as-the various houses, barracks slaves (for the red caste), bath house slaves, and the taverns.
Things for slaves to know
~in the slums you can stand
~in the slum's tavern you must be naked
~the city is of high caste, watch your P's and Q's

You may come in as disguised as a FW but do not at any point draw a bow or any sort of non fw weapon. But do not come in looking like a panther.
~panthers only if dressed like FW, you may rp a kidnapping but keep it plausible,
~panthers may not raid in force
~Do Not come in dressed as a panther

Special sim info
they have rentals of all kinds for the citizens of the sim

special thanks to
Severus Tacitus (judeae)
mere(meridith topaz)
lynn(lynnette laville)
Ellaise (Ellasie Chrome)
Ciara Fearne
Lady Heaven Wahwah (heaven Andretti)
Solaris Ghostraven
Arthurine (arthurine somerset)
Rosatui resident-tavern slave
kar (akari chuich)

and special thanks to all in Hochburg for the wonderful rp

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