Thursday, September 06, 2012

Port Olni Carnival

The City of Port Olni is proud to announce it's 3rd Anniversary Carnival this weekend!!
Friday, September 7 through Saturday, September 9
Events all three days for Men, Women and kajirae!
Come join us in this happy celebration!!!

All times are SL times!

FRIDAY - September 7
    Trasure Hunt (all weekend)
   10 a Game of Favors
    12 noon Slave cart racing
     2 pm  Arrow Shooting  
SATURDAY - September 8
    10a IMPROMPTU Dance competition  ***Up First today!!!!***
     12 noon  Man of Steel
     2pm Quizz
SUNDAY - September 9
    10am Warrior Run
    12 noon Pebble Run
    2pm Tharlarion Race
    Closing of Treasure Hunt

to visit click here: Port Olni

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