Thursday, September 06, 2012

Vonda Tavern Dance

Greeting Everyone!
Tavern of Vonda will like to inviteYou  to a Dance in Vonda Tavern
 14 september , 2012
Time: 2 pm slt (dancer must be on sim 30 minutes prior)

All dancers seeking to compete must fill out application (see attached) and return. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis. First 12 applications received will guarantee a position
 This Competition will be almost  freestyle and  theme is Tavern dancing.
  Be creative.
A panel of 3 neutral Judges will be judged on gorean styling..... creativety, sexiness, emoting and descriptvness...

These are the rules for the compeition:

1.  All dances MUST be no longer then 10 minutes, please make posts readable in the local chat box
2.   Permission from Owners not required unless your Owner requires you to gain permission

Due to the possibliity of lag and to keep the Competition fair to all dancers. Meters will be removed and script usage kept to a minimum. DJ will be used for the event to add atmosphere to dance. Lastly, The event although meterless is IC and all clothing MUST be Gorean.

Prizes: {might grow whith the time}
Frist Place: $1500 L and Silks frome Second Moon wort 1500L 􀀉
Second Place: $500 L  Dance Pit frome TTD wort 700L
Third Place $500 L  Gorean slave HUD frome Queens  wort 500L

All Enter will Get a gift

For Vonda Tavern
TavernKeeper1 Resident

To visit click: Vonda

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