Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slave paces

I suggest every slave to remember the following, you never know when you will be asked these questions, and if you are you better get them right!

What are you girl
You will answer, "This girl is a slave, Master! La Kajira!"

What does being a slave mean on Gor, beast?
You will answer, "It mean a girl is property and owned, Master!"

What are your duties beast?
You will answer, "A girl's duties are exquisite beauty and absolute obedience, Master!"

How do you fulfill your duties, slut?
You will answer, "A girl is to serve, please and be pleasing to all Free Persons, Master!"

When may a slave speak a Free Person's name, slut?
You will answer, "A slave may never speak the name of a Free Person, unless the Free Person has granted the slave permission, Master!"

When may a slave say 'NO' to or question a command given by a Free Person, beast?
You will answer, "Never, Master!"

A slave is always permitted the last words in a discussion. What are they?
You will answer, "Yes, Master!"

Who may punish you slut and why? How are you supposed to serve?
You will answer, "Any Free Person may punish this girl if she is displeasing. She must serve and please as if her life depends on it. For it very well may!"

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