Thursday, September 06, 2012

Most beautiful eyes contest

Novaleigh   freng
Kaylin  pixelmaid
Hayden  cerise
syndi  dryke
Assiak  resident

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EYES Ichrak photo contest

Dear contestants,

Thank you for signing up for this exciting photo contest,  photo contest Board is located at right side of Hayden's Booth. we are still accepting more sign-ups , Hurry up !!
Voting will start at Sept 15th 1-3pm During GPR show, All Contestants need to UPDATE THEIR PROFILE PHOTO with the contesting "eyes" photo (showing the close shot of eyes) by Sept 14th, the contest board will be updated and show the "eyes" photos.

Lov'A ( First girl of Ichrak )
Ichrak Island - City of Ichrak, Ichrak Island (127, 36, 703)

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