Sunday, November 18, 2007


Siba is not actually a city but more of a raiding sim. Basically it’s an outlaw camp. There are actually two outlaw groups and a panther group. This is not a sim for a free woman. The docks and top is the safezone. In the safezone, you will find an infirmary and a tavern.


Once you leave the bridge your on your own. I went there believing I was safe.


A man on the docks told me he would escort me. He seemed so nice at first, and being use to outlaws I honestly thought I was fine. Another even vouched for him. I left the docks with him; he assured me he would keep me close in an unsafe place. We slowly walked to the bridge and he gestured me forward, I followed him with no hesitation. He seemed so concerned, even asking if was wearing the right shoes. Once we got across the bridge he seemed to hesitate, and it did make me feel a little uneasy, I almost felt as though he was sizing me up. Our first stop, he showed was me a panther camp, it felt so exciting be close to a panther camp. He then promised the next stop would be even more exciting. But at first I didn’t understand his meaning. It was just a hillside. So I asked what is so special about this place. At that He pulled his bow from his from his back. “This is were I ask a free woman to kindly lay on her stomach and slowly spread her to her sides” he said clamly . “What,” I gasped. Fear and raged both swept over me. “No!” screamed, “How dare you!” He just stood there calmly, “For now kindly lay on your stomach as I have suggested” he said. “No you pathetic half wit,” I said. At that he simply placed his boot into my back and knocked me down, knocking the breath out of me. He then bent down, and began tying me up. “This is a land of outlaw, Guest, we don’t see soft, perfumed types often, your company will be desired,” he teased as he tied me up. I started crying, begging and screaming how dare you. “Be quiet woman” he breathed, “men are sleeping”. Come Guest, he said smiling as he dragged me to the fort. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” I screamed. “You are a fussy woman, female” he said. He then easily lifted me up placed and locked me in a stockade and place a wooden gag in my mouth. He began to play with my hair, “Now, do you truly wish to be free, guest?” I nodded, He sighed, “That leaves an outlaw disappointed” He then circled the stockade, unlocked it, freeing me and cutting my binds, and removing my gag. He walked me to the door and unlocked it for me. “Go female” he said. Pushing my luck I haughtily said my name is Ashlyn or Ash. “Bah” he said. Now go or you will be staying longer than you wish. At this I gasped, and turned and ran out the door, and somehow made it back to the docks.


I must admit, my adventures were quite exciting, and although I will not be ever going into the capture zone again.

But at that let it be known, this is not a place for free woman. I did talk to the slaves there and they said they enjoy it, the main rp here is raiding and more for outlaws and panthers, so it can at times be boring for the kajira.

to find it search Siba

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