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Isle of Teletus

Welcome to the Isle of Teletus and my home. The one thing I have to say about this city is that is like one big family. It is fairly new it was started in September and the grand opening will be November 10 & 11. So people have been working very hard on it to say the least.
When you arrive in you arrive in the market and are given the option of the docks or OOC area.
The top part of the OOC are is a library filled with notecards on every subject of gor, and is also the start of a gorean museam. The bottom part is a OOC dance area.
Teletus is a full roleplaying sim, and an exchange island. Teletus is ruled by merchant law buy not ruled by ubarate. Our island can be best described as rustic yet luxurious.
Being an exchange island we many trades and imports. The main imports are Ta-wine, palm wine and many other luxurious items. Our island is filled with well-trained craftsman. Any trades of our goods or imports please see Viper Trenton

There are two forms of Military here roaming the island. Being that this is an island, let it be known that no panthers ever crossed the vosk river, so please when entering the city please enter with a valid rp reason.
The docks of Teletus is the hustle and bustle of island. Here is were all the major trading some business takes place.

Our island is governed by our Regent-Anjali Cazalet.

The first village you will come to on our island is Cyprian, it is were you will find our beautiful homestone. This is were the main business takes place. In this village is the administration office, Naval office, Slavers building and the Regents home.
The next village is the luxury village of Nykus. This is a beautiful village that is more of a resort for travelers a private getaway for the citizens here. The first building you will see is our scribery.(the upstairs is an art gallery, so do visit it). Across from the Sribery is the beautiful Tradewinds inn and restaurant owned by the beautiful Moreta Vollmar, it is a wonderful place for a weary traveler to regain there strenght and relax a bit. Next to that is the Little green teahouse which is owned and ran by friend the Lady Zaphara Cazalet and sister to our Regent. The teahouse is the perfect spot for ladies to sit, relax and catch up on the latest gossip. Across from the teahouse is our beautiful bathhouse which is like walking into a rainforest where you will be served and cared for by our sweet and beautiful kajiras will care for you. Behind it is the Palastae coverd area and tavern. Here you will served you favorite drinks, watch beautiul dances and enjoy your stay with us.

Last a certainty not least is Sable. Sable is more a wilderness and can be dangerous place to be. It features our open air market were you can trade and buy goods. Our market features a blacksmith, bakery, leathermaker and more. Here you will find arena which is used for tournaments and sparing. High on a hill looking over everything is Skulls tavern, owned and ran by Victor Lufbery. Skulls tavern is more rustic than our tavern Nykus, and tends to draw a rougher crowd. Though Sable is more of a wilderness it is also one of the most beautiful sights on the island. It's an area will you will see the most beautiful wildlife. We have three beautiful waterfalls, lots of luscious plant life, many animals roaming the land.
(while I was still a slave here I use to sneak away and swim here, it's the simple things you remeber)
It must be stated that the larls in this land are guarded. If you come to hunt them,we will feed you to them.

There are many roles played out here.
Regent & Rp Moderator: Anjali Cazalet ~the flame~
High Chancellor: Lugh Koba
Senator of Red Caste: Raggsguy Escape
First Sword: FallenAngel Hawkeye
Red Caste: Jas Carter, Friedrick Jowisz
Chief Island Slaver & Senator, Merchant Caste: Beltan Foden
Chief Physician & Senator, Green Caste: Wolf Creeley
Quarter Master: Rhyder Thibaud
Little Garden Tea House: Zaphara Cazalet
Nykus over the Thassa & Trade Winds Inn: Moreta Vollmar
Teletus Trade House: Viper Trenton
Leather Worker Caste: Atheas Zenovka

Sim Guardians:
Victor Lufbery
Lugh Koba
Zaphara Cazalet
Albert Haskell
Jas Carter

We still have many roles to fill as such.....

We need slaves (fighting and serving), scribes, healers, kennelers, butcher, baker, perfumer, candy maker, fish monger, arena master, red caste (council and arsenal), and anything else that we can come up with as there would be islanders.

**note-female outlaws are allowed on the docks or area below if entering the city you must dress as a free woman

to find it just search Teletus or click link:

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