Friday, November 02, 2007

Markets of Semris

(the view is amazing, with dolphins jumping in the distance)
The Markets of Semris, is a lifestyle sim. It is a no force collar zone, and it should noted that this sim does not allow outlaws, panthers, or Talumas.

The entire sim and the extended sim is done in a beautiful tudor and is filled with lush wildlife and beautiful private homes. It has a wonderful market that sells some of the most beautiful gorean furniture I have seen.

This is a private sim, and to become a part of the sim you must be pledged in. The people of this actually started on irc and sl is there third move. Making them a strong community and developing a very strong sense of brotherhood among each other.

The people here are very friendly and are dedicated to teaching others about the world and lifestyle of Gor. They have a beautiful University, and have classes for beginners on wednesday at 2, 6, and 10. They have a insight to gorean text on thursdays at 8 and slave meetings everyfriday at 4. (all times are sl times)
They also a have an intense training program for kajiras.


The inn and tavern is reserved for men and kajira, so sadly I am was not allowed to enter. But for any man entering it would a perfect spot to sit relax and shoot the breeze.
But the most unique feature of this is the zoo. Yes they have a gorean zoo, and is very well done, and I must say everyone should stop and see at least once.


to find Markets of Semris just search Semris or click here:

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