Friday, November 09, 2007

Port Kar

Port Kar is working on bringing back the old rough rp style back. They very to the books as far as Gor is concerned they are very rp oriented, even rping daily living.


It has the all the usual buildings of a regular Gorean city, bathhouses, scribery, infirmary, and a tavern called Tattered silks. Overall very gothic with a dark presence about it and in the middle is a canal that is modeled after the one Venice.


One thing I liked is the Rence journal. It’s a regular publication, telling stories, facts and news about Port Kar.

The woman of Gor should take heed here, Port Kar has a tradition, that if any man claims you rightfully become his. So free woman of becareful when enterting this city.

As far as larl’s go, it’s kind of split. They are allowed onto the sim. But it depends on who is at the gate as to what kind of treatment they will receive

They have a lot of regular events discussions, storytelling nights, training, and an OOC dance every Saturday. They have a lot of musicians, storytellers, and poets living and visiting the on this sim, so a very entertaining place to be.

So if you are looking for that kind of old rough and strong rp with a group of very colorful people who are dedicated to keeping it in a very Gorean tradition, Please check out Port Kar.

First Captain: Dark Starr
Chief Scribe: Silua Mills
Chief Builder: Devyne Daligdig
Chief Physician: Delaney Curtiss
Admiral: Hanze Melnitz
First Sword: Icarus Wind
High Merchant & Ambassador: Sela Montgomery
Head Slaver: Ranaa Rust


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