Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Port Bazi

The over all look is very Grecian, and has a very fun-loving feel.

I must say I was instantly impressed with Port Bazi. When you enter the docks you instantly see a streaming video explaining two of there best attractions, Capture the flag and Kaissa board. The docks also have a place to go fishing


When you enter the city you are greeted by a beautiful Pavilion. It's perfect spot for relaxing and just hanging out with friends. It even has a gorean trivia game.


I tell you the bazian's must love there games. The Kaissa board is life-sized. Sorry I have not played the game so I don't know very much about it.


They also have a game called whack-a-Kajira. (poor Kajirae)

There biggest attraction is the capture the flag arena. It's a very nice area, and they are currently trying to get leagues together.

My favorite part was the scribery. It is two floors, filled with information. As a matter of fact they are dedicated to teaching and training. They have an extensive training program for warriors and teach classes on roleplaying.

Another must see is there Arena. It is done in the same Grecian style. It has a middle fighting area that can be caged and is surrounded by water filled with water tharlarion.


They host regular tournaments and dance contests.

The admims:Del Mauriac & Yasmin Fisseux
Commander: Terry Cheney
1st Sword: Apollo Paean
2nd Sword Kyoal Ferraris
Head Scribe: Cyn Sin

they are currently hiring for Head Slaver and Ambassador

to get there search Bazi or click here


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