Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Sardar: A pleasure Inn

The Sardar is more of a resort than an actual city. It has all kinds of uniques all over the sim. They even have slave cart tours you can take.


The major site is the please inn. It is beautiful lodgings with several types of accommodations, alcoves and suites. The alcoves are rented by the hour and the suites by the day. The inn also has several lounges for relaxing and enjoying friends. If you want more than a couple of hours or days, they have actual houses you can rent. The most unique are Tuchuk wagons you can rent for week at a time.


They have an arena used for official competitions, training. They also have a race track which is used for kaiila, tharlarion, slave foot and slave cart races. Anyone is welcome to use the arena or race track. They are very open to newbie, just please dress Gorean and keep ooc chat in ims.

They have lots of events and love showcasing Gorean entertainers. The will also events for others. If need a space for an event, please contact Sweetie Dagger.

The whole sim has unique sites all over it, and it’s growing. It is now two sims, the second sim is going to be an adventure sim.


To find it search The Sardar

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