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The outlaws of Gor are men and woman of Gor who live outside of the law, and caste system of, and never claiming a homestone. The are generally running away from there own past, the law itself, or not wanting to live within the constraints of gorean society. Though they are viewed by general gorean society as being thieves, shady and crooked, they are not without honor and rules. They generally govern them and some are people of great honor.

Of all the Castes, character, etc that you can rp, this is usually considered to be one the funnest. It truly a way of being able to play a rogue or scoundrel.

There are many outlaw group in second life gor. Each having there own flavor, values and rp style.

Female outlaws
For some reason there seems to be a big controversy on the whether or not females outlaws were in any of the Gor books.
The truth is though out history there have been woman outlaws and woman who dressed as men fought along side them. That being said it's not a stretch of the imagination to think that females would have become outlaws in Gor.

But the thing is my purpose of this blog is not to argue. My purpose is to show the world what sl gor is and what you can find there, and sl gor has female outlaws

To play and become an outlaw in sl gor:
You will need to have at least basic fighting skills and it is a good idea to be proficent in at least one weapon if not more.

To find an outlaw group, well alot of gorean info groups will advertise recruiting of outlaws, pirates and mercs in there notices. Otherwise the only suggestion I can make is to observe and visit the in capture/raiding sims or outlaw camps, and get to know the people.

You can find alot of freebies in gor, but I have not at this time found any freebies for weapons and outlaw clothes at this time, but when I find them I will post them.

For outlaw clothes:
Avilion mists has a perfect outfit black outlaw outfit for only 100L and they have it for men and women

Some other good stores are....
Groll Inn & Hideout
(female outlaws-the few places that allow female outlaws will not allow you to show skin and wear high heels. That means no cleavage, legs, and belly showing. So keep that in mind when shopping)

As for weapons:
Harbingers is thought be one of the best

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