Monday, November 05, 2007


Farnacium is a beautiful sim has a very mountian woodsy kind of feel to it, but yet surrounded by a beach and harbor, that has an atlantic harbor feel to it.


Farnacium is a lifestyle sim and one that has a strong sense of community. They believe strongly in educating others about gor and have a lots of slave classes and a Master mentoring program as well. They do not allow, panthers or outlaws. Any woman entering must be dressed as a slave or free woman. Being a lifestyle sim, they do not take part in capture roleplay, raids, or any sort of force collar. Although any slave or free woman actin inappropriate can be collared for the city.


The whole sim was beautifully crafted. One of the best sites is the bathhouse. The bathhouse is more of a cave crafted by mother nature for the gorean people.


The island has huge market, with lots of unique items. Most of the island is filled with private homes and rental houses. It also has a beautiful plaza were beautiful dances and entertainment is held. All in All I found to be a lovely sim to visit

to go to Farnacium just search farnacium or click here

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