Friday, November 02, 2007

Isle of Tabor

You are teleported onto the docks. The docks is filled with tudor styled rental homes and market. As soon as you walk in you have a beautiful garden that has a very gardens of Babylon kind of feel to it.


Next to the garden is a large very dark looking tavern, not having an escort I was not able to enter, but being is a sort of mischevious mood, I stuck my nose in peeked.


There pride and joy of the town is their Castle. A beautiful massive building like you would imagine filled with ghosts long ago haunting memories.

There is a beautiful a bathhouse at the back of the sim, and the best way to be described as a old greek bathhouse beautifully overran with mother earth. Since no one was around and I was feeling very weary from traveling I took time to relax and wade my feet in it. It was very relaxing and peaceful


The over all sim has a very gothic english garden type of style to it. It has lots of beautiful flowers and several gazebos. You will also find lots bosk grazing along the outerskirts of the city, giving the city an ample supple of meat and milk.


The sim is an english speaking sim made up of mostly europeans, and you will usually find more people during the sl daytime hours. They also have a OOC every Sunday at noon, sl time.

They use the honor meter

Sim Administrators:
Baltazar Ballinger
Bearded Munro
Jesper Meili
Cebulon Beck
Mardu Kuhn
Rich Enoch
Tiberius Brouwer

to find the Isle of Tabor just search tabor or click

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