Saturday, November 17, 2007

Torcadino and Torcadino Swamps

Torcadino is a beautiful sim that is that is very strict Gorean role-playing. They are very educationally minded, and even the infirmary has a very educational feel. It’s a very beautiful sim, and all the buildings are very well done. Torcadino is a great city for newbies.


While there check out scribery, it’s huge, and has room to grow, and has a beautiful wishing well inside. My favorite spot was the Meditation garden.

Like most cities Torcadino is very proud of it's slaves. As a matter of fact they keep a board letting the citizens and it's visitors know which of the slaves are available.


The swamps are a pure capture zone. It’s main function to for capture and fighting. So if you are a free woman and want to remain that way, stay out. It is actually a beautiful area, yet it is a dangerous.


The events they have are archery contests, OOC dances every Sunday and the OOC dance area is a beautiful dark gothic style and is huge. They also hold lots of classes and discussions, although these are announced by word of mouth.

They have sky rentals, and the rentals are adorable little cottages and have a cottage village in the mountains style to it. They also have huge market that


**the city does not allow for larls in the city they can enter into the swamps but do only at your own risk

**they do not allow female outlaws

**Panthers allowed in the Swamps, but not in the city

to find it search Torcadino

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