Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Slave hunts and broom fights in Teletus

The night was going rather slow so to shake things up our Regent decided to throw a slave hunt. In Gor this can be a very popular event. How the slave hunt goes. You have several slaves and several Masters gather in one place. We started in our arena. The girls gathered at the gate and the men at the back of the arena. The gates were open the girls ran out. Our regent then counted to ten and then men ran out in pursuit. This is a fun game to watch and everyone truly enjoys themselves.



Our first round was won by Jas Carter and Tania


Our second round was won by Jas Carter and Dracaeno Donat


It was then that our Regent, Anjali Cazalet decided to shake things up. We had a broom fight. But this time she did things a little different. The girls were given brooms, and the men were forced to give up there weapons. The girls then chased the men around the arena the brooms.


All in all it was a fun event, and an impromtu one at that. Which we plan to have more of these events, and hope to see you there.

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