Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Sardar Fair

I believe this is going to be an annual event. The first event I saw was an archery event. This is one the most popular events found in gorean sims, and the prizes for event like this can go in the thousands. These were watched over by Dingo Night

The first was between Aradon Psaltery, sword of Ko-ro-ba and the Ubar of Ko-ro-ba, Scar Statosky and the winner was Aradon.

sardar fair_007

The second one was entered by….
Capton Jacobs-the Ubar of Black Tarn Estate and Island( the first gorean sim in sl)
Darkstorm Llwellyn 1st sword of Tampica
Anthony 71 Jiminy warrior of Tampica
Thomasbee Oh warrior of Tampica
Pepper Iwish Al’Aar Shas Huntress

sardar fair_015

The winner was Darkstar Lwwellyn. I was personally rooting for Pepper. I mean hey in a man’s world we girls have to stick together, be we fw, panther, or Kajira.

The next even t was the Tharlarion races entered by…
Lady Vivienne Daguerre
Darkstorm Llwellyn 1st sword of Tampica
Thomasbee Oh 2nd sword of Tampica

And I am so proud to say was won by Lady Vivienne Dagurerre. This one was won for the woman of Gor.

sardar fair_023

Then it was on to Wrestling. This is a funny looking event. The men were diaper like object that is a animation override, and basically try to push the other out of the ring. The match was overseen by Mulsanne Bentley. The first up was Darkstorm Llwellyn and Bryantt Sands, with Dark taking it. Dark then took on Thomasbee Oh, with Thomas taking that one. Thomas was then challenged by Galahad Huet, the Magistrate of Tampica, with Galahad taking it. Galahad was then challenged by Dark, with Dark regaining his crown. Congratulations Dark!


I t was then that slave girls got into the act. Well, you know men and their girl on girl action. It started with Iadina Fuana and Miyu Vendetta, with Miyu taking it. She was then challenged by Melanie Barbarino, with Mel taking it. Mel was challenged by Rita Saito, with Rita winning. She was then challenged by Chandee Rockwell, Chandee won the match.

It was then that it got very exciting with free versus slave challenge. Dark versus Chandee, Dark won, but I must say Chandee gave him a run for his money.


After that was the snowball free for all. The rules were simple. Every takes a meter and a snowball, they begin fighting, until someone falls, that person leaves the game. They reset the meter and begin again. It goes until one person standing, and that is the winner. Unfortunately there were technical difficulties with the meters, and because they were nice, gave prizes to all who participated.

The last event I saw was the Tarn races. This was my favorite. I must say the most exciting of them. There were three contests, Lepida Lykin, Kron Juran, and Drakkarn Reddevil. It was Drakkarn Reddevil that won the race.

Sardar Fair_031

These are just some of the events you can find in Gor. There are almost always something going on. If you are joined to some of the local gorean groups you will get notices of the events
(sorry about the pictures, I really couldn't get any closer)

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