Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tharna-Jewel of the Tatrix

Actually there are two Tharna's in SL. The one I will be showing you is where I now live. The storyline on this sim has a true basis in the books telling of Tharna. In the books, Tharna was beatiful and rich city that was leading supplier of silver. It was also the only one in the books to be ran by a tatrix. Another unique aspect of Tharna was that the free woman did not wear veils, but chose to where masks instead. The Tatrix wore a gold and the citizens silver. This will also be played in this sims. (The free woman will be given the masks)


The richness of the city can be seen everywere. The place is filled with beautiful gardens, fountains, and artitecture is a must see. The city it's self is walled keeping the citizens safe from unwanted attacks. Within the city you find the usual scribery, slave house, infirmary, etc all done in a style that is clean with high class elegance.


Outside the city you will find rental home community. The homes are beautiful and are rented weekly, 600L for a two story and 300L for a one story. In the Middle is a gathering area with one of tharnas legendary fountains.


The outlaying is of course the the silver mines. But please be careful, there are also panthers lurking nearby. Near the panther camp are the most lucious berries, luckily, the panthers lets this one pick the berries as long as she gives them half of her pickings.


There is an intersim roleplay going on with Tharna over the control of the silver mines. Port Kar and Tyros have developed an alliance and are trying to seize control. Anyone wantint to take part and pledge an alliengence to either side please contact Fine Razor of Tharna, Dark Star of Port kar, or Theodoric Delphis of Tyros.


The sim uses glm


pia said...

this girl is thrilled to have found your blog and has posted about it, letting her readers know about Gorean Travels blog.

soft paths to you all!

Bena said...

I was just looking at your website here. Would you please tell me what a 'gorean furry' is?
I would go to SL and see for myself but my pc is incapable.