Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gorean Fashion Show & Swords of Honour Tournament

gorean fashion show
Who: DAB Photography, Silks of Second Life & Gorean Designers

What: Fashion show & tournament to allow Silk designers of SL to show off their items in a SLife like setting. As the saying goes "A picture is worth 1000 words" but do not always capture the beauty and detail of a SL silk. They will also be show casing weapons and having a tournament. So women come for the fashion show, and men stay to fight and view some weapon creations of Vincent Cassidy

Where: Runway and Location provided by DAB Photography

When: May 3rd at 3pm slt

Come share a night of gorean fashion at its finest. Lovely girls and Strapping boys modeling silks and aparrel from such well known stores as Sexsensual, Collar Me Sexy!, Songfeather designs, Creative Creations, SoulGarden, and Escape Reality. Please come down to DAB and enjoy this event with us it is sure to be a night to remember!

LM to the Event :
ô€€€Neverending 55, 59,21

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