Monday, May 19, 2008

gorean greetings

Goreans are people of intense tradition and honor. One of the first traditions you will become aware of is there greetings and partings. This a very particular thing with them and should be on of the first things you learn.

First and foremost the earth greetings, hello, hi, etc will never do. You will only be immediately looked upon as a noob.

gorean greetings
(picture taken by: Fallon Maertens of DAB-Free: Cyris Dreadlow Beth McAllister, Trenton Childs, Slaves-Myn Baily, Ettevy Zimer, Lissie Slade, Judy Wunderland)

The correct way to greet is to either say Tal or greetings. Tal is generally used among the free and greetings by and to slaves. There is also a special order in which you are to greet those within a group. Now it is perfectly acceptable for a free to say say Tal all or Tal free. This is never to be done by a slave and is always best to greet by order

The order goes as follows:
leader of the city
Free men of the city
Visiting leaders
free men of other cities
free women of the city
free women of other cities
the first girl
female slaves
male slaves

For private slaves you must always greet your Master first by saying greetings my Master. Then you would greet your Masters Companion second then proceed in the general order. You would also greet the first girl of you house befor the first girl of your house before the first girl of your city. Also you would greet your sisters slaves before other slaves. Some Masters/Mistresses will require you to beg to greet, if this is true you would simply say Master may I greet. He/She would reply you may greet mine.

As with greetings, farewells go in same order. Also bye and see you would not be acceptable.
Typical farewells:
be well
well wishes
I wish you well
safe paths
soft paths-said to and by slaves
serve with fire-this is only said to slaves

Many people develop there own special way of giving farewell

Slaves should not that you would never tell a free to be well as this is in a sense giving an order and a slave is not allowed to this to a free.

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tonyhuttt said...

Thank you. As a "Noob" myself, and not having read the books yet (Yet!), I worry about offending someone that is more experienced than myself and basically painting a bullseye on me.

I am quickly catching on, however. And gaining respect amongst my fellows at my homestone.

I hope to greet you one day as a friend.
Be well.