Tuesday, July 08, 2008

By the books slave training taught by Caerwydh Darragh

I was privileged to attend the first class in a series of classes being taught by Caerwydh Darragh in the city of Laura. The class was set in a friendly camp atmosphere with many of eager to learn slaves attending. Caerwydh has three years experience in Gor and had read the books of Gor before that. The classes will start with the basics and progress to the more advanced levels of gorean slave knowledge over the next few weeks. What's really striking about Caerwydh's style of teaching is how she encourages questions and interacts with the slaves attending the class. Unlike some slaves who are trainers on sl, Caerwydh uses her positive attitude and good nature to encourage the kajira as opposed to the negative training styles of others. This style brings out participation from even the shyest slave, and all who attend leave having learned something.

Caerwydh Darragh training

There are two classes a week, and ten classes in total, with the first class going off flawlessly. If you are a kajira eager to learn or improve your skills, or a free looking to observe excellent training, then these are the classes for you. I can guarantee that you will walk away from these classes as I did, most impressed with the skills of Caerwydh Darragh, and pleased with the large number of slaves eager to learn. The posted schedule is as follows:

Schedule of Classes:

Lesson 1
Monday, July 7th - 6pm SLT
Introduction, Slave Paces, Silk status, Kneeling

Lesson 2
Thursday, July 10th - 6pm SLT
Slave etiquette, Common courtesy, Obedience

Lesson 3
Monday, July 14th - 6pm SLT
Obeisance, When to kneel, Permission and begging.

Lesson 4
Thursday, July 17th - 6pm SLT
Continuation of kneeling, Gorean Caste System, Degrees of Knowledge.

Lesson 5
Monday, July 21st - 6pm SLT
Third person speech, Duty of slaves, Service to all Free, Discipline, Restrictions, Purpose of collars and brands, Homestones.

Lesson 6
Thursday, July 24th - 6pm SLT
Positions and Gor immersion, Slavery on Gor, Gorean philosophy.

Lesson 7
Monday, July 28th - 6pm SLT
Slave dress, Common slave accessories.

Lesson 8
Thursday, July 31st - 6pm SLT
Slave discipline, laws and punishments.

Lesson 9
Monday, August 4th - 6pm SLT
Serving, Gorean food, drink and preparation.

Serving Final Exam
Thursday, August 10th - 6pm SLT
To be announced

Lesson 10
Monday, August 14th - 6pm SLT
Gorean slave dancing

Dancing Final Exam
Thursday, August 17th - 6pm SLT
To be announced

A friendly learning environment

The classes are being held in the city of Laura and are opened to all. You can click here to transport to Laura on second life. If you have any questions about the classes contact Caerwydh Darragh in second life.

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