Tuesday, April 24, 2012

City of Edo

The City of Edo is a Pani sim
Pani-generally people of who were brought Japan to Gor by the priest kings. So theirs cities will look very much like an old world Japanese city

 As soon As I stepped the docks the exotic fragrances filled my nose. This was so unlike any of the southern or northern cities I have traveled to. Parts of the city are even built on the water itself. From what I hear its somewhat typical to the Pani people, but not to those like me from the South.

Truly the market was amazing to behold. The smells, the perfumes, and foods so different than what. I am use to. Oh and the silks and fabrics, were so beautiful. They offer such unique items here. They also have a rice and sake mill, so be sure to taste some delicious sake while you are here. Also try their exotic perfumes, oils, and foods. One thing I found that enchanted me was from their local dollmaker. Some of the most beautiful dolls you will ever see.

For you men, I sure you would love the Painted Lady.  Where you and your slaves can indulge yourselves. Or of course I am sure there are plenty of slaves ready to serve you, for you men traveling without such luxury.

One thing that sets Pani people is the contract women. I had the pleasure of meeting one. She was a very lovely women. One of the many amazing exotics of this land. Please note these women aren't slaves but indentured servants, they are also artist and well trained in the arts and pleasure. I sure the men reading this would find their company quite delightful.  So please note my readers they are respected for their skills, and not treated as one would a slave.

For you Ladies be sure to check out the teahouse. A wonderful spot to relax. But be sure not to enter the pleasure areas. I would hate to think what would happen if you did.

Website: http://cityofedo.wordpress.com/
 To Visit: http://slurl.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Edo/111/159/23

For more info please contact:
Askiperang Resident
Anya Zsun
Anleifr Resident
Yoshito191 Resident

General info:
Type:  BTB
Culture of the People:  Pani
The General rp to be had: This is a Pani City and village so expect an old world Japanese experience with gorean values 
Trading Rp:
  • fish, rice, exotic herbs and spices, 
  • they distill sake and are always willing to trade sake for paga
  • silks and unique fabrics with
  • the city has a resident doll maker making some of the best dolls in all of Gor
    The times to find people Usually busier at later times, but you can find people at all times
    Weapons: melee weapons only
    Dress: Generally accepted look is Pani-kimonos and old world Japanese style clothes. But those traveling from other lands are of course allowed to wear clothes of their homestone, as long as it is gorean style
    Dress: kimonos and Pani style clothes, for other fw no veil is need and can relax a bit showing a little more chest than normal and some arm but I would otherwise stay traditional
    weapons: General fw weapons, fw are allowed to protect themselves, family and homestone. Any fw attacking a fm otherwise will most likely be ejected
    Attitudes and actions: mind your manners and tongues, its gor Men rule here. FW are very respected here but are also expected to be polite and be worth of such respect
    Taverns: fw are allowed in the tea house, but stay out of the pleasure areas or you will be asking for trouble
    Traveling alone: As FW are respected you should generally be safe, just watch your actions and words
    FW outlaws no! they are very strict on this rule
    Contract Women These are owned women paying off a debt. Their status is not permanent, therefore they are not collared or branded. These are women trained in the arts and are respected as artist. Though not considered as a high of status as a FW, and  generally do not have freedom. They are to treated better than slaves but not as respected as fw.
    General: you are expected to mind, work hard and to follow all the commands of a free
    attire: most any slave garments are accepted, but tend to be more on a bond maiden style
    Traveling alone:  Not advised. Where most would be respectful of a collar, a strange slave in a strange land is generally asking for trouble.
    Panthers no! very strict on this rule

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