Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Town of Ragnars Hamlet is waiting for you

Waves gently caress the shores surrounding the Vosk river, calling you to take a journey on her long curving lines. As you head up the river passing cities and towns and villages you see a light along the horizon. A warmth that seems to call to you bidding you to enter... its name the Town of Ragnar's Hamlet.
 This little (BTB) town is not to be over looked with its market full fo spices and scents from afar. Children rushing around discovering the newest treasures from Ar's station.
Women searching for the latest fashions from the far corners of Gor.
Slave girls catching the attention of the warriors to flirt as they gather the makings of the evening meal.
No rushing, just a normal everyday life of a Gorean. Come seek us out today and discover for yourself  the old Gor.

The Town of Ragnar's Hamlet, a BTB town full of life and learning. Featuring the Skyward Gorean Academy for all those new to Gor and those who simple want to begin again. Nestled in the midst of the other cities, towns and villages of the Vosk, we offer you the chance to start your life anew. Whether you have just joined Gor and are searching for your own path. Or are a soul in need of a chance to start again, Ragnar's Hamlet is worth checking out.

Ragnar's Hamlet offers you the following opportunities:

☀ The chance to rediscover Gor  - With creating new BTB roles that allow
       you to expand your horizon

☀ Skyward Gorean Academy - Where growth and knowledge are always
     encouraged,  classes are always OOC so always safe for you to attend

*  SGA: Caste of the Green Seminary - Approved by PoGC for training for
    those interested in seeking the  honorable path of a  green of Gor.

☀ The chance to interact with people from all walks of Gorean Life  from
     North to South you never know who may stop in

☀ A Small town Market -  Being on the Vosk River allows us to receive
    goods from all over Gor

☀Limited Housing - For the single person or family we may have what you
    are looking for            

 Caste and slaves; the roles you may find here:
 (Note: At present the sim is Non Combative until a Warrior base is built up. The academy classrooms  are always a safety zone for our students and staff, when classes are in session. But we encourage our students to participate in ALL forms of roleplay when presented in the township)

Blue Caste
      ☀ Ambassador
        ☀ Advocate
            ☀ Magistrate
Red Caste
        ☀ Town Guards

Green Caste

Yellow Caste
    ☀Chief of Caste
      ☀Building inspectors
Merchants and other Castes
      ☀Bakers -2
        ☀ Butcher
          ☀ Perfumer
            ☀ Potter
              ☀ Fish Mongaler
                  ☀ Inn/ cafe Owner
                    ☀ Tavern Master
Other Caste options:
☀ Create a new role in SL Gor not done else where, is it in the books? can you create the RP for it? Then come talk to us today!


Skyward Gorean Academy serving your basic needs in Gor. Come see what we have to offer you while visiting our little BTB town. All classes are taught BTB with Quotes to back up what is taught.

 * We offer a 4 week course "Understanding roles in Gor as a Free" for finding the right role for you in Gor.

 * 24 lecture series "Becoming La Kajira" for those seeking the life of a slave for both female and male slaves. Includes real interaction time to learn the ins and outs of being a slave in the town ( for our full time students).   Taught by a veteran Gorean slave of 12 years.

*" Through the eyes of..." A series of 4 part lectures from the Free woman to slave and all roles inbetween. If interested in talking in the series please contact Elizabet Skyward (savira)

* 7 week course "The Caste of Green: Healing Arts" Learn how to become a full Green in this intesive course of Lecture, study and active Roleplay.

A word about the Newly opened branch of the Skyward Gorean Academy: The Caste of Green Seminary

    Lady Salem (salem.blackadder)
Thursday, 15 Mar 2012 23:46:29 GMT

Lady Salem (salem.blackadder) classes are supported. Anyone wishing to instruct is welcome and encouraged. Everyone has a different perspective. You learn from different people. Take a little from here and a little from there. If you are teaching something I personally disagree with doesn't make you wrong. I may whisper to you and we can talk about it. But you are not forced to teach my way. I want everyone to get different perspectives. We don't want a bunch of lil robots.. 
                                                            Physicians caste of Gor  Kaiila Mahoney

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