Sunday, April 22, 2012

new law courses

New law courses are going to be offered for magistrates and advocates

Notice sent:
We offer 2 main courses. These are free of charge. They are open to anybody including slaves and are run on Mondays for Magistrates and Tuesdays for Advocates. Classes will held at 1pm slt and repeated at 5pm slt. The next round of courses will begin Monday 23rd April for Magistrates and Tuesday 24th April for Advocates.

1) Magistrate Course.
A series of 8 x 1 hour classes and 2 pieces of written work. We cover issues such as the laws, sentencing, ic/ooc, court procedures, jurisdiction and day to day tasks. It is a friendly discursive style class.

2) Advocate Course.
This course is also 8 x 1 hour classes. It is based around rp'ing trials. We focus on the law, courtroom procedure and tactics as we roleplay a series of case studies.
There are a further 2 cases covered as written work.

Both courses are certificated. It is perfectly fine if both are attended concurrently. For further information or enrollment to the class group, please contact me by IM or drop me a note if i am offline.

~Janette Inglewood. Chief Magistrate of the Gorean Legal Academy.

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