Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tampica Recruiting

Covering two beautifully built sims, the City of Tampica and the Village of Tampica Woods offer the discerning Gorean a wide variety of living and playing opportunities.  And is one on SL's oldest Gorean sims.

Our gorgeous gated City perches high atop Tampica's mountains and has every attribute one could seek in a Gorean city.  Caste cylinders tower over a lovely city center enhanced by alpine landscaping where Free and slaves enjoy the bracing northern sea air and magnificent views from every vantage spot.  This city capital offers apartment rentals for city dwellers and Caste workers as well as a central kennel where both city and other slaves may be housed for safekeeping. Tampica's natural mineral hot springs have been piped up into our lovely bath house making us a destination for Gorean health and pleasure seekers year round.

Below the mountain City lies the picturesque Village of Tampica Woods sitting at the edge of the wild Tampica Forest.  Large and small rentals are available here for all classes of lifestyle and RP.

Do you have a Companion who doesn't like slaves and gets jealous of you spending time with them?  Well, rent in Tampica!  She won't have to see you and your slut having *coughs* fun.  Is your Master/Companion M.I.A.?  Tampica is a quiet, safe and friendly place to live.  In need of a vacation home? Time to get away from all the work, drama and hassle?  Need some peace and quiet? Come to Tampica.  Treats for the spirit and  senses await around every corner!  Lush forests, lovely lakes, hundreds of romantic getaway spots to play and rp in. 

Inspired by the John Norman Gor books, Tampica welcomes all Gorean RP!

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