Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fort Sanobar

A fort set way back in the mountains. The terrain is very rugged and harsh, but I found some very nice and hard working people living in deep the hills of this land. The fort is mostly southern Gorean who have left their homes to settle in this harsh. So here you will find a unique blend of both Northern and Southern traditions.

One very nice feature of the fort is a special housing for uncompanioned free women. A wonderful added safety for single free woman of the fort. The longhall, is a place of great merriment and a good place for a good meal and entertainment for the men.

The hills are filled with tabuk, which helps this fort in trade of fresh meat, hides and horns. The people of Sanobar have made a good living for themselves and are always open for trading. Be careful though, as you make your way to fort, as the hills are also know to be hiding places for panthers.

All in all I enjoyed myself there, found some delightful people and can't wait to return.

To Visit:

General info:
Type:  BTB
Culture of the People: Southern in a Northern/Southern Boarder
The RP backstory They are refugees from the south who have settled along the northern/southern border 
The General rp to be had:  This an area of hard working people in a very harsh land. But the woods provide them lots of natural resources for trading and giving them a very good livelihood. It is also a great place for hunting
Trading Rp:
  • various animals trained and otherwise (they specialize in the training of sleen)
  • oils, perfumes, and honey
  • wood and wood products from the needle trees
  •  animal hides, meat, and horns
The times to find people US times generally
Weapons: general gorean weapons
Dress: no need for veils, but dress respectable-chest and shoulders covered, sleeves to elbow and skirt to mid calf at least (I suggest heartier clothes as it is a harsher climate)
weapons: free women weapons like daggers, hair pins, frying pans, rocks etc
Attitudes and actions: mind your manners and tongues, its gor Men rule here
FW outlaws generally not tolerated, you are welcome to rp here but act as a fw, (be creative be the spy, as for fighting use only fw weapons)
Slaves be respectful, work hard and be pleasing, while here without your owner you are expected to follow the commands all free, within your owners rules
Panthers you may enter the fort disguised as a fw, outside the fort allowed bows and general panther weapons

People to Contact:
Ubar: LEVAQUE Kuhn

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