Monday, January 21, 2008

Axe Fjord

Axe Fjord_008
Axe Fjord is in the Northern part of Gor. This area of Gor is especially harsh and dangerous. The whole sim has a very Viking look about it. In the northern part of Gor the customs can be very different. For one thing the slaves in this part of gor are referred to as bondmaids instead of Kajira. They are a bit different the kajira, in that they are more sassy and brazen, but do not have anymore freedoms than that of a kajira. They don't were, instead they were kirtles or nothing at all.


Another difference I noticed small things, like that the men are generally referred to as Jarl. The slaves will generally use the term Jarl instead of Master. I also noticed that they refer to the first sword as first axe. It was these small difference that you seem to notice first. Though the weather and land is harsh and cold. The strong and brazen people of this land, are very generous and friendly, and the bondmaids are extremely attentive. But any princess kajira or free that enjoys soft luxuries, may want to stay away.

Axe Fjord_005

The sim is an extreme roleplay sim, in that they do not allow voice, and heavily discourage any type of OOC.

they use the glm meter
Free woman don't have to wear veils and carry daggers and poisoned hair pins
female outlaws are not allowed
deaths are 72 hours
suicides are banned
all captures are permament
rescues must be made within an hour
escapes must be approved
Panthers are allowed at the exchange point only or city during raids(frowned upon)

any uncollared slave will be collared to Axe Fjord and any slave that is captured

to find it just search Axe Fjord

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