Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Northern Woods

northern woods_002

After leaving Axe Fjord, I stupidly traveled on to the Northern Woods alone. My family returned to Teletus, working through the misunderstanding that had made us leave. I can truely be careless and headstrong, this is one of those cases. The Northern Woods is a wild place home to panthers. Even though I knew this well, I traveled on. I entered not even thinking of the dangers a free woman would face in the northern woods. I wasn't even paying attention and walked right into a panther camp. I was immediately attacked by the second cheiftess, who had seen me speaking to a leader of an enemy outlaw group, the day before. I was tied to a tree and interogated for hours. I cried bitterly, and over and over again told them I was simply a writer and traveler. They laughed not believing me. Later a panther I had helped once showed up and spoke for me. It was then decided that I was not to be killed, but I would not be allowed to leave. I was removed from the tree and a collar was placed around my neck. I was then forced to serve these mighty huntresses. I was then renamed teardrop, for my tears. The whole time I cried. I can't say they were cruel, they were actually nice to me. But my heart ached for my family and friends. I was missing them greatly and wanted nothing more than to return to Teletus.

northern woods_001

I withstood my slavery for several days, being that no one knew were I had gone. I knew they feared the worse and had no way of finding me. My heartache could stand no more and I fled. It seemed at first I would make it with no trouble. But I was caught, by the panther who had spoke up for me. She took pity on me and even helped me escape. I am now safely at home. I have returned to Teletus and am happily living with my love Trenton and my family.


The sim is a well built sim. The have very well built caves available for rp use, but you will need to contact the admins for it's use.

- Death is 24 hours. Minimum of 30 minutes / 3 emotes before a killing.
- No capture time limit.
- Combat meter is Gorean....NEVER reset it.
- Emote/RP all actions realistically to your size/capability and Gorean norms.
- No cheating (Jumping, non-Gorean or invalid weapons, sim crashing scripts).
- Any problems IM an Admin

The admins of Northern Woods are:

Alice McConnell (Chief Admin, and sim owner)
Lola Machin
Selene Shi
Raven Lisle
Susan Whizenhunt
Janna Shuftan
Sam Slunce (and sim owner)

to find just search Northern woods or use cordinates-Northern Woods 81, 89, 599

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