Thursday, January 24, 2008

YukiYanagi Lilliehook

Today Gor lost a wonderful person....

YukiYanagi Lilliehook


she left this note for all that loved her.

Hi ! Hi ! *wave's her hand*

* Scrambles around the ground, holding a boot in her mouth plopping on her bum nawing it making it all slobbery. Looking up at you then everyone* "Hi hi my name is Yuki....yush * nodding her head * I dont really speak much but this is a occiasion that I feel might be needing of the yuki babble * smiles big with a shoe string in her mouth*.
If you are reading this that mean I have passed away and and gone to the land when I can play and chew on things. I 'am sorry that you had to get this message but I rather have left a notice, of why I have disappeared from the world. Than let you or anyone else just think I left you all which would rather not have liked considering I think I have one big giant family.
I 'am so happy that I had got the oppertunity to learn english through Secondlife, or I would have never had met any of the unique and beutiful people in this world I spent so much time in. This game has given me the power to see past things I couldnt have seen in the real world. To see new worlds and new cultures other than my own and to learn how to be with others that I normaly would be very shy around.

Yuki 2

It makes my heart hurt some that I wont be able to see my freind's anymore, since I do not no what the afterlife has in store for me. But I do know that the things we do in this life reflects on your next life, depending on religion some are but I believe that no matter what relgion they are the same in there own special way.
The thing's I had learned in this life I will always remeber especially the ones that told me, it was ok to have a night light on at night. Or it wasent werid if I had a larl plush toys I made to sleeps with ( shadow, crone. Sek, Sasha, and some others ) or the little the little pictures and toys I made of ( Diashi, and Tk).
Some people do not relise that Secondlife for me was a way to escape my life I was afraid of. And be something I could have never been in the real world. Even if it was a gorean Feral or she quad for the hardcore goreans, or a grandaughter of a very special family in Gor located in teletus * huggles her momma and papa and Na na's*. Or a adopted or lost sister of northern woods or a forgoten princess of Thentis. I will always no I had a family even it was some place or some where in Secondlife I always had a mother for * slobbers on Oni* or someone to keep me in line * ranma* or just some one to play with all around even if he was a little black dragon that had a very huge nest in a sim I cant remember the name of. From the Sci fi sim's where I was a mouse in Midian or a lil neko in karamoon or tiny ent in avilion.
Thank you for being with me and letting me be happy, I am honored to have such great freinds no more than freinds family that I will truly cherish even in the after life. I love you all so muchies * licks all your noses , giggling then hops off her bum dropping the shoe and reaches up grabbing her little halo and chewing on it as she runs off to play*

* stops and turns around and pounce you slobbering then runs off .....giggles*

Love you all su muchies
Yukiyanagi lilliehook
Baby girl
Lil brat

for those that wish to pay there respects...
there will be a memorial sunday at noon slt in Teletus


To email her parents, please send your emails to

Morlieth Cahill just created A notice will be sent out when the memorial page is ready. In the mean time, send your anecdotes, pictures and comments to

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