Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Story

I am Lorianna McCallen. I am a traverler of Gor. I was born on a faraway island called Bolgreena. I was six years old when the deadly storms that would completely change my life forever arrived. People believed we were being punished, but for what they couldn't say. I remember the terror that swept through the small island, the roaring the the storms as they pounded against our home. That is all I remember of the fateful day, however. I woke up days later on a ship, and I was very ill. Once I recovered, I was told that I had been found floating in the ocean upon a wooden door. I had been seperated from my family, and feared that I would never see them again. I didn't learn all the details until many years later.
I spent the rest of my childhood in a foundling home that was run by a kind old woman. I helped raised the smaller children, did my chores, and had some schooling. It was two days before my eighteenth birthday that I recieved a letter. It was from a woman claiming to be my cousin, and she wanted me to come and live with her on the island of Teletus. My heart soared, and immediately started to pack. I bought passage on a ship bound for the the vicinity of the island with the money that my cousin had sent. Our meeting was not to be at that time, however.
The ship I was sailing on was attacked by pirates, and I was taken captive. The pirate captain thougt that I was a lady born, however, so I was treated rather well. He was hoping for a steep ransom. There were two men that had survived the attack, and they ended up rescuing me and the several other passengers. One of them was the Captain. His name was Rurek McCallen. We fell in love and were married many months later. For three years we lived and loved one another. I sent letters to my cousin through out that time. It was during our fourth year of marriage that my husband was lost at sea. I still do not believe him dead to this day. I know it my heart that we will someday meet again. I mourned him for a year, walking the docks at night, waiting for some small sign. Finally, my cousin insisted that I come and live with her, and so I traveled to the beautiful island of Teletus. My cousin, Ashlyn, greeted me on the dock, and we hugged one another fiercely. She also had a surprise for me. My sister, Angelina, was there too. At last!

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