Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cressida Village

cressida Village_005

Cressida Village is half of an sim that is rental property for goreans. It is a very nice area that offers free usage of the scribery, arena and a tavern, for your pleasures. It also lots of outdoor seating areas, and poseballs where you can sit and relax and just spend time with friends. My favorite aspect of the sim is the Caverns. The caverns have a beautiful underground tavern. I wish I could say I was a good free woman and stayed out but I can't.

cressida Village_002

The homes are 540L a week, they are 300 sqm with a prim allowance of 175 but you can buy more if needed. They are available in various styles with balcony, without, intern stairs or TPs corner turret or side turret.

cressida village_004

Another nice aspect is if a tenant wants to host an event it is allowed free of cost.
Anyone looking for a gorean rental home, should most definately check this place out.

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