Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sardar Mountains


Sometimes sadness will bring you to strange places. My sadness sent me to the Sardar Mountians. The in the books the Sardar Mountains are a wild treacherous place, that is home to the priest kings, and considered very sacred. In second life they are home to the Shinigami Outlaws. They are a fierce group of outlaws not to be messed with. This is a very dangerous sim, and is almost a guarantee collar for free woman and slaves.


While there I did not find the priest kings, I did see this nice and serene house. I wonder.... I was to afaid to approach. It would not be right for a woman to be in the prescence of a priest king, so I did not approach.


This sim has kind of rough darkness to it, but yet very nicely built. This is an outlaw sim, remeber when entering it is very dangerous and chances of capture is extremely high.

They are a strict rp sim, do not allow much ooc. Some of the main points to remeber before entering is kills captures must be 4 lines and kills must be 5 emotes.

the admins are:
Yasmin Fisseux
Romper Barbosa
Del Mauriac

uses the Gorean meter
female outlaws and mercs are allowed but cannot show skin

the main rules are as follows
1. no jumping
2. no cutting cages
3. 2 day death
4. 3 day capture(except for slaves-perm collar)
5. no mass murder tolerated
6. 2 deaths per 24 hours on each side

the following things are not allowed:
tarns, jumping, fighting slaves,

to find it search sardar

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