Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Becoming a Traveler

The world was bright again, now that I had my cousin and my sister. She was five when we were separated. Her story was even sadder than mine. Our parents were killed right before her eyes by the raiders that attacked the island after the storms. They went through everything that wasn't damaged or destroyed, taking anything of value for themselves. They also struck down any who got in their way. Poor Angelina was in the thick of it all, just a child lost in a world of caos. But that is a story only she can tell.
Ashlyn gave us shelter, guided us through Teletian customs, introduced us to the people. I felt that I was truly home again, though my heart still ached. The Teletians welcomed us with open arms. We are content to be one of them, but we yearn to see new things; visit new places. Time for our new adventures to begin. And so, we are the travelers of Gor. Ashlyn, Lorianna, and Angelina. We will explore new lands, visit exotic cities, and share our experiences with all who may be interested.

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